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The World Revolves Around You // A Rant

Exhibit A

There are bad drivers and there are bad parkers. A bad driver can mess up a moment, a bad parker can mess up your entire day. This is the story of how a bad parker fucked up my day.

After an eventful work day, I was finally home. My dogs were barking and Netflix was calling. Unfortunately, someone who thought the world revolved around them, parked in a manner that prevented me and my neighbors from accessing our parking lot. That’s my driveway up there, well, half of it anyway. “Hulk smash”! Hulk wanted to smash but took the high road instead. After circling the block for twenty minutes in search of free parking, I finally had to pick a meter spot and pay. While doing so, I ran into three of my neighbors who were also angrily feeding the meters. After a few rounds of WTF’s?, we all decided on leaving choicely worded windshield notes. Notes aren’t as satisfying as smashing, but they’re what civilized people do.


Exhibit B

See the curb? See how far away the perp parked from the curb? What really irks me is they had to know that they parked like an asshole. They exited their vehicle, noted their bad parking job, and simply walked away from the scene of the crime, as if the world revolves around them. 

Exhibit C

The notes leaned more towards gentle reminders that we should all try to coexist, rather than F’ you rants. I did add in mine, that I would “give them an hour and then call a towing company”. Hours passed as the parking meter ticked, but I just didn’t have the heart to pull the trigger. Sure, this negligent parker cost me time and money, but having someone towed seems like bad karma.

In the end, they got a city parking ticket ($12, I think). I also noted a substance that resembled mayo, smeared on their handle. Maybe a neighbor did this. Maybe not.

I have to admit, I did a little window stalking. I watched and waited for the suspect to return to their vehicle. I just wanted to see what they looked like, and see their reaction to the notes. I saw many people pass and shake their heads when they noticed the bad parking job. I plugged my iPad in to charge, and when I looked out the window again, the car was gone.


Do you think the bad parker felt remorse when he/she read the notes?

Do you think they’ll be more mindful in the future?

19 thoughts on “The World Revolves Around You // A Rant

  1. We have such rude neighbors around here. There’s a family that always blocks one side of our driveway and if you say something to them they say ‘go around!’ with attitude. Thankfully there is another entrance. Others hog 2 spaces! I know these people are just always rude do it’s hard to know of they are capable of feeling remorse!

    • “Go around”?That family sounds like they are the worst! How does such entitlement even enter a person’s mind? I know I’m kidding myself to think people like that would ever feel remorse. The notes we left probably just stoked their asshole fire, but I like to think they made them question their actions. If they didn’t maybe the mayo on the handle did!

  2. That is truly annoying. I understand that completely. Talking about bad parking. Two years ago we were in Venice Beach. When we came back to the car we were sandwiched between a little old Honda CRX and a Mini. No way to get out of the parking lot with our Chevy Suburban. I was frustrated. No one around. I was ready to simply push them out of the way.

      • It was about 20 mintutes luckily. My husband and I were already asking in a shop what they could suggest us to do. We were about to head to the next police office when my daughter called. I told them to immediately step into that free room and not let anyone in anymore. I already saw all the six of us taking a cab to the next train station and heading back the next day hoping we could take off…

  3. I can’t stand inconsiderate people! They burrow deep under my skin. Did you want to do this:

    From the Big Lebowski…..

    • Hahahaha! You have no idea how badly I wanted to do that to that pretty white Lexus! You know the part that I find ironic? The Lexus was a hybrid. So, supposedly, this person cares so much about the world that they purchased an Eco-friendly car. They might not be polluting the earth with fuel, but they’re polluting society with selfish behavior.

  4. Ugh, parking in my neighborhood is a bitch too. I have a camera in the back of my car so parallel parking is super easy and there is this one guy when he sits outside just WATCHES my parking job with judgmental eyes when I just slide in like a champ. He does and says nothing, yet I want to punch him in the face. Is that normal? I don’t care. Overall, driving and parking causes so much stress that I kind of wish we went back to horses and carriages.

    • That guy who watches you park is a freaking weirdo, and he needs a new hobby (not that watching people park isn’t super enthralling). Don’t get me started on horses and carriages! I watched/ read way too much “Gone With The Wind” as a kid. It can come back right? Mustaches did!

      • Yes please! And with the big dresses and ballroom dancing?! Just without all the racism and civil war nonsense.

  5. It was nice of you not to call a towing company and I think your notes were an excellent way to deal with the situation. Some people are simply unaware they have done anything wrong and hopefully they will realize their mistake and not do it again. We’ve had people repeatedly use our front lawn as a parking lot, then climbed over the fence to the next door horse farm. They had driven down a clearly marked private road with only a few residences on it, but evidently they thought our lawn was a better parking space than actually IN the place they were going to. I did a little window stalking too and when the people returned, I politely asked them not to PARK ON OUR LAWN! The ones that really bug me are cars that take up two spaces in a crowded lot. WTF?!?!?

    • Thank you. I really did want to have them towed. I just didn’t know if they had kids they had to pick up from somewhere, etc..
      Yes! The “double parkers” are the worst. There’s no way they don’t see that they’ve just taken up two spaces when they exit their vehicles, yet they do it anyway. That really frosts my cookies! 😉

  6. I left a note once for a car taking up two spots outside my house so I had to park further away, but like your note mine was a calm one!
    Once someone left a note “Could you park any closer!!!” for me. Guess I parked a little to close to their car. Live and learn!

  7. Parking is a huge issue here too. We get a lot of people who encroach on the driveway, and my husband drives a big truck so he can’t always get out safely when someone’s car is sticking to far into the driveway space. The neighbor we share the driveway with is notorious for leaving nasty notes. He threatens to get people towed all the time. And what kills me is when I see someone parking badly, and we ask them to move or remind them they can’t block our driveway, they look at us like we’re crazy.

  8. My answers to your questions are NO and NO… Those people don’t care or feel remorse… They maybe even posted the notes on their FB page… I’m sorry Kim. My sister is one of those who spits on the handles 😀
    I still don’t dare… I wish I do… there are so many people who deserve their dog’s poop on their face sometimes!!

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