Best of Instagram// My photos of the month

light fixture at work

I have recently reactivated my Instagram account, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. 

Years ago, I started it as a means to post photos of food/daily specials as a restaurant manager. I am a passionate amateur photographer but I never took Instagram beyond work.

Why? Honestly, I always viewed all of the accessible filter modes as photography cheating. I’ve recently reassessed my staunch views on editing photos, and have finally seen the error of my judgement. If you have an eye, you have an eye. Photoshop has been around for decades now and its filters, like Instagram, can only enhance your photos. If it’s bad, its going to stay bad, with maybe a little mood lighting. If your photo is good, and you don’t have privy to a $3,000 camera, maybe it can be great. 



I met this Friesian horse a few weeks ago, and decided to call him Vladimir. I’ve always wanted a horse, and since our encounter, I’ve dreamt about him many times. In my dreams, he lives in the spare bedroom of my apartment and doesn’t poop. Good horse!


Freshwater fish,NC Science Museum

In my part-time job I’m just a lowly caterer, but I’m a caterer at a freaking science museum. I love science and absorb a lot of info while on the Job. Did you know there are 43 species of cicadas? I didn’t but now I do. We only think we’re listening to the same bug song.

“I found Nemo and he looks super-pissed” was the title of this next one.


View from a wedding event


Sunday Supper, made on our tiny camp grill


First NC corn harvest, Farmers Market


I have a recipe for that sandwich pic and will post soon.

Until then, follow me on Instagram. I’ll always let you know if I used a filter…or not.



22 thoughts on “Best of Instagram// My photos of the month

  1. Beautiful images, you have made me simultaneously hungry and desperately wanting to go on holiday. Vladimir your horse in the attic sounds cool!

  2. I don’t have an Instagram account, but if I did I would definitely follow. As a very inept photographer things like Photoshop aren’t so much cheating as a necessity! Great, great photos Kim! I mean it!!

  3. Great pictures Kim! Vladimir really sounds like the perfect horse to me!
    I don’t have an Instagram account (my son does, I could ask him to follow you so I can comment on your pictures 🙂 (And if you follow back, he’ll beat the school boy that has the same followers he has :D).
    I love the corns!

  4. I have already started following you on Instagram. You do have some great photos. People with an eye to take a photo will always take a great photo. I use the filters, but only to try and enhance shadows and stuff. And you can tell when something is completely revamped with editing software. And if I do do a lot of work on a photo, like you, I will tell you.

    • I know you have, and thank you. I love your photos, and the stories they tell. Do you follow clairetrickett on Instagram? You probably do, as her adventures and photos are similar to yours. If you don’t, and she’s single, and you guys hit it off, get married and have babies, you’ll have me to thank. 😍

      • I do follow Clair Trickett on Instagram. She’s actually commented on a few of my photos, or got her ranger friends at AndBeyond Safaris to comment when she can’t answer a question. Don’t know if she’s single or not. Haven’t asked. If you want to try and set us up I will name our first child after you.

      • I don’t think there’s an un-creepy way for either of us to go about that. Guess you’ll just have to “happen” to meet her under a mosquito net. Nope, that’s even creepier. Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll wish you best of luck, and still take the credit if ya’ll connect. I planted the seed, and in my book that counts. 😚

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