Picture Perfect Day:NC Beach Trip

D and I haven’t had a proper vacation in years but we’re fortunate to live in a day trip-friendly area. A drive to the NC coast is an easy 1.5 hours, and sometimes you get lucky (like we did yesterday) and are able to take in some great sights along the way. The highlight of our drive was a middle aged woman in a sparkly, silver cowboy hat, making out with the pony-tailed driver of an M&M blue Mazda Miata. He was also wearing a hat of the newsboy persuasion, which at one point was blown off by the wind. The top of the car was down, which I’m sure would be followed by the rhinestone cowgirl’s own top. I tried my best to get some video footage but they were going too fast, ahem.

Anyway…our little day trip to the beaches of Carolina and Kure was right on time. The weather was perfect, the beach wasn’t crowded and we only almost bickered.


Ft. Fisher, NC




The Savanna in NC

The Savanna in NC

The way the shore winds have shaped these trees is magical to me. Their leaning shape calls to mind, the African Savanna.

We parked our chairs in the surf and plopped our butts in them. I read Redbook and listened to the waves while D, drifted between snoozing and exploring. Despite a dousing of SPF, our burning shoulders and rumbling bellies gave us the cue that it was time to head back.

Admittedly, I was being a little bratty about where we should eat dinner. I simply desired to round out our trip in a picturesque locale on the water, and Derek just wanted FOOD! I wanted Calabash style seafood with a water view (Calabash consists of fried fish, hush puppies and coleslaw). We tried to search the “around me” app, which wouldn’t load, and walked into an ocean “grille” with tourist prices. The E at the end of grill lets you know the prices are inflated. $20 for fried shrimp and fries was laughable, so we searched some more.

I’m so glad we did because we found a perfect little dockside restaurant with stunning views of the marina. More importantly, I got my shrimp basket, and it was so good and unbelievably fresh. The $12 price tag didn’t hurt either (more room in the budget for Corona beer).Sure the service was slow, sure a guy passed out and fell off his barstool (heat exhaustion but he was ok) and sure, a seagull swooped down and stole three fries off of Derek’s plate. Details like that make for priceless memories.

Gibby's Dock and Dine. Carolina Beach,NC

Gibby’s Dock and Dine. Carolina Beach,NC

Beer on the marina.

Beer on the marina.

On the way back, D and I connected in a way that we haven’t in some time. We laughed at each other’s jokes…really laughed. In more than one moment, I was cry-laughing and holding my sides because the belly laughter was painful. We talked…really talked, and listened to music that we listened to when we first got together (10 years next March).

What a difference a day makes.

Bonus Material:

Here’s our favorite song from our road trip back.

Dolorean: The Biggest Lie from the album To Elliot: From Portland




2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Day:NC Beach Trip

  1. So good that you guys were able to get away. My wife and I were able to get away for the 1st time in years without children for a vacation, and it was SO wonderful.
    The connecting, talking and laughing were all there as well.
    Thank you for sharing….brought a smile on my face! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Carl.
      I’m happy you and your wife were able to get some time to yourselves as well. All those little, stolen moments add up, and it’s so important to carve out that time with the one you love.

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