Shout Out To A Blog I Love


I’ve been nominated by one of the funniest bloggers on WordPress.This girl not only makes me laugh, but makes me wish I was sipping an adult beverage with her right about…now.

Thank you Wanda! http://agirlnamedwanda.com/

I don’t typically participate in blog awards because they have rules and I’m not so good at following directions. There’s a good reason why I don’t own anything from IKEA!

This does not mean that I am not super appreciative of the recognition (I am). I also would not take the time to do this if Wanda’s blog wasn’t sooo worth reading. Have I mentioned how funny she is?

So here is my hybrid of receiving this award. I’m gonna keep things loose in my typical Pisces fashion and piggyback off of Wanda’s facts. My facts will be in bold.

Seven Facts About Me:

imagesSAEPGYH91.  I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan.  I grew up wanting to be Princess Leia.  Soooo, one of the most memorable moments of my life happened like this…..I was sitting in an aisle seat at the Coliseum, watching a USC football game with my husband.  Dan is a Trojan.  George Lucas was at the game as alumni and to promote his latest film project.  As he was exiting the stadium, George Lucas walked right past me.  That man was five feet away from me, and for about ten seconds, as I watched him approach, I swear everything went into slow motion and I heard the Star Wars theme song in my head.  It was epic, and I will never forget it.  (And yes, his hair is incredible!) I am also a huge Star Wars fan (original). In the past few years I have purchased a 1977 Darth Vader head/toy case for my partner (I say it’s for him) and have been working on filling it with all of the original action figures. We also have a Millennium Falcon hanging from our ceiling. Yes, the dork,err, I mean the force is with us.

wandtattoo-0465-388[1]2.  I’ve mentioned this before in my very first Wanda post ever, but I have a strict policy of only naming my pets after historical figures or literary characters.  Since my teen years I’ve had beloved pets who bore the names of Napoleon, Ulysses (S. Grant), Thor (Norse mythology’s god of thunder), Cain (biblical son of Adam & Eve), Psyche (Greek mythology’s goddess of the soul and wife of Eros), Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird), and Oliver (Oliver Twist).  Currently, my two cats are named Lucy and Linus, from of course, The Peanuts Gang. I’ve owned two dogs with Star Wars names (Yoda and Ewok). Other pets (all dogs) have included Foxy Lady, Dixie Bell (southern ya’ll) and my current dog, Lucy Valentine (we got her on Valentines Day). As I read this, I’m realizing that some of these sound like stripper names. Oh, well. Remember to get your pets spayed and neutered, folks!

3. There are a handful of movies that I am unable to pass over if I come across them on television.  They become a mandatory time suck and I am helpless to change the channel or be productive in any way until the movie is over.  Some of these movies include Stand By Me, The Goonies, Rocky, The Breakfast Club, Alien (and any of the sequels in this franchise), Star Wars, and any Tom Hanks movie, ever made.  I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan.  That’s a lot of time sucking. Stand By Me. Check. The Breakfast Club. Check. I’ve seen The Goonies over 30 times. 

Goonies Never Say Die!

4.  I can sing.  Or, I’ve been told that I can sing by others, but I choose not to sing in front of anyone other than my kids and our pets.  I get embarrassed and self-conscious and that just doesn’t feel good.  My husband says that if I wasn’t so self-conscious I could be a karaoke super star.  Isn’t that sweet?  Also, the only instrument I can play is an air guitar.  I totally rock that shit.  Particularly when playing anything AC/DC. I wish I could sing and am jealous of those who can. I get ticked at those who can and don’t use their gift. Ahem, Wanda!

5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and I spent twenty years of my career prior to becoming a stay home parent working with children and adults with special needs.  Over the course of those twenty years I’ve had jobs ranging from providing direct care, managing group homes, providing advocacy services, licensing and program coordination, to being an assistant director of a private family services agency.  I’ve cared for individuals with special needs in every capacity imaginable, and it is not work that just anybody can do.  I’m very proud of the people I was able to help over the course of my career, and I have days where I miss it terribly. I was a nanny for two years to a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s a higher functioning form of autism and has similar, yet not as severe, social challenges. My charge was 4 years old when I began and had already read Tom Sawyer from front to back, numerous times. Her reading comprehension was off the charts, but she was prone to violent outbursts if her schedule got altered in any way. 

6.  One of my biggest regrets so far in life is not going back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree.  At this point in my life, it may still be an option, but since I feel I’ve moved on from my previous career and would like to embark on something new, I have no idea what I would go back to school for.  I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  Any suggestions? I’m still waiting to be “discovered” for my irrelevant talents. I can write with my abnormally long toes. Any takers???

chocolate chip cookies7.  I’m a good baker. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I used to make cookies for my friend’s as their birthday presents, and they were thrilled to get them as their annual gift.  At one point my husband suggested I open a bakery business based on his love of my chocolate chip cookies.  No, I won’t share the recipe.  I spent about five years tweaking the recipe to get it juuuuuust right.  If I ever do open a bakery, I’ll call it “You’re Not the Boss of Me Bakery.”  Yeah, that name suits me well. Baking requires following directions and we already know that I’m no good at that. I do have some name suggestions though. “Just Eat It” and “Shut Your Pie Hole” are at the top of my list.




There you have it. My rule bending blog award post.


Read this and MORE by Wanda. You’ll be sure to want to hang out with her as much as I do!



7 thoughts on “Shout Out To A Blog I Love

  1. OMG! You are hilarious! I love this, and I knew we were meant to be friends! (That is not to be read in a weird stalker way, but as in a I think you’re totally cool and would never stalk you sort of way. That still sounds weird. Sorry.) Star Wars and Goonies addictions aside, if you are ever in LA, let me know and I would LOVE to buy you that drink! Thanks for all the awesome things you said about my blog, and it really does make me happy that you enjoy my brand of crazy! And thanks for accepting the award…you totally deserve it! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Kim!! 🙂
    Do you think is a Pisces thing to break the rules? I love getting the awards, but the stupid work attached to it, really gets to my nerves!
    I love “Shut Your Pie Hole” and “Just eat it” or I’ll flip you the bird 😀

    • Thanks Paola!
      It might be a Pisces thing, or a me over thinking everything thing. I don’t want to put other bloggers on the spot by requiring that they “thank me” for nominating them by linking back to my blog. Nor do I want them to feel burdened by following all of the rules. It just seems to become less about promoting fellow bloggers and more about driving traffic to your own blog. I’ve just never been great at self promotion. Man! I really do over think everything!

      • I totally understand!! I need to break the rules because I feel bad about all the chain things… A few weeks ago, I nominated like 150 blogs, I just pasted the blogs names, not the links and I didn’t tell anyone. So if you happened to read my post that day, and you wished to participate, you had the choice…

        A friend invented an award called “The No Strings Attached Award” https://thenostringsattachedaward.wordpress.com , That’s how an award should be!!

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