Put Your Phone Down

I’ve recently had the “privilege” of filling in as a cashier in the cafe operated by my catering company. C’s been out with pneumonia. Get well soon, C. Please.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been involved in this type of “front line” service but I’m unhappy to report that social rudeness is now the norm, as opposed to the exception. I blame most of it on technology, but I offer a solution.

You know the term “selective hearing”? I know it well because I actively, albeit passive-aggressively, fall ill to it when met with a rude customer.

If you can’t take the time out to stop shouting into your phone like it’s a walkie-talkie,while placing your lunch order, I simply can’t hear you. What? What was that? You want your veggie quesadilla w/ the veggies on the side? You want your veggies packaged in a separate box and you prefer that the zucchini faces the east? I’m so sorry, I just can’t hear your barked order when you don’t have the common courtesy to put your phone down.

You, with your earbuds plugged into your conversation for all the world to hear, put your phone down! You, who can’t bother to make eye contact, put your phone down! You, who are literally shouting into your phone, put your phone down. You’re not a celebrity and even if you were, the world would think you’re an asshole.

The Doctor says my hearing is fine. My complete loss of hearing is a medical anomaly that only seems to occur when someone’s being an an ass on their cell phone. Odd.

Just.Put.Your. Phone.Down.

Hello World!

8 thoughts on “Put Your Phone Down

    • It’s not paranoia. Remember how exciting it was to expect a phone call from a boy, and not know if it was him when the phone rang? I think it’s sad that kids don’t get that thrill.

      On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 6:46 AM, kimboxin wrote:


  1. I remember a time when if you were standing within earshot of someone on a payphone, you were being rude and they felt you were eavesdropping. Now they stand right beside you on a bluetooth headset yapping away like you have no right to privacy. I especially like when you acknowledge them saying “Hello,” to you and they point to their ear. It would be nice if they just had the presence of mind to acknowledge you even though the hello was not directed to you. I work with a guy who plays a game on his phone with others and it is constantly dinging to let him know the game is in play. Really annoying to listen too.

    I especially like when they yap all the way to the car in the parking lot; hang up to get in, and then dial another call as they are starting to back out of their spot and drive through the lot. “Oh, did I back over that little child behind my car while I was distracted by my phone?”

    Not that indiscriminate cell phone use bothers me.

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