Homesick Texan

Nothing makes me miss my home state of Texas quite like Spring.

In the Spring, Bluebonnet flowers dot the landscape and the waters of local watering holes warm up and invite “tubers” to “sit a spell” on the abundant tranquil rivers that play host to both inner tubes and six-packs.

If you think Texas is nothing but plains and tumbleweeds, please examine these photos. These images are “my Texas” and were probably shot within a few miles of the place where I grew up.

Many generations of my family have slid down Ingram Dam; enough to know that shorts should always be worn over swim suits. That dam will do a number on swimsuits.

If sliding down the dam has left you feeling exposed, you can always wash your worries away by tubing down the Frio river with some beer in tow.

There aren’t many rivers that you can see the bottom of, but the Frio river is one of them.

Texas will always be my home. It’s where I had my first Ninfa’s cheese enchilada. It’s where I first saw Nolan Ryan play (for the Astros). It’s where I kissed my first cowboy and had my first experience of swimming in a river at night.

Texas is home, and it’s worth a visit.

9 thoughts on “Homesick Texan

  1. I read this post today and immediately thought of “Memories of East Texas” by Michelle Shocked. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos, Kim!

    • Thanks Rob. I’d actually never heard of her or that song before. So pretty! Thanks for sharing :).

      On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 9:19 AM, kimboxin wrote:


  2. gorgeous pics! I’ve never been there to visit. Only passed through the tip on the drive here from NY (which will always be my home). Seems like it deserves a second look.

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