Cinderella 2015 Movie Review: Magical

Today was my Birfday as “Gus Gus” would say, and I spent it like any newly 35 year old woman would: watching Cinderella in a theatre by myself. Don’t go bustin’ out the sad faced emojis just yet because I’m actually celebrating my Birthday on Sunday. Today was just a “me” day filled with shopping and getting to see a movie that my man would attend with me, but be too “manly” to enjoy. I love watching movies by myself and sprinkling my popcorn with Raisinettes at will.

I loved this movie for countless reasons, but my top two reasons are that it is visually stunning, and didn’t stray far from the classic cartoon version we all watched as children. The story of Cinderella has been redone and reimagined numerous times,sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. I respect the filmmaker for not trying to reinvent the cinder wheel with this one. It was very clear that he made a study of the animation from the classic film, and the way he brought it to life, was nothing short of magical. Those dresses,those colors, that bippity-boppity-boo! It’s been nearly 30 years since I watched the cartoon version, but today I felt like a 7 year old filled with the same sense of wonderment I once experienced.

Cate Blanchett soared as “The Wicked Stepmother”

And Helena Bonham Carter gave her usual 110% as “The Fairy Godmother”

As an added bonus, there were several little girls in the theatre, who were decked out in their princess dresses.

Seeing them brought back one of the sweetest memories from my childhood, and it just happened to be a birthday memory that I hadn’t thought of in ages. The year was 1987 and I was hosting my first official slumber party. A handful of gown-wearing princesses emerged from my mother’s sedan and entered the video store, with a singular mission of renting a particular movie.

What was that movie? You guessed it. It was Cinderella.

Cheers to magic and to feeling like a kid again.



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