20’s vs. 30’s: Funny Videos I Can Relate To

T minus 5 days until my 35th Birthday. I will not be bouncin’ in da clubs when I celebrate. I did go to clubs when I was in my early 20’s (19 w/ a fake id) and the experience was always less than magical. Nothing says romantic like a sweaty stranger with Jager breath, pressing his unwanted boner against your butt while you’re simply trying to dance.. Aah…romance.

The following videos are by a group of funny girls (women) who call themselves 20’s vs. 30’s. I completely relate to most of the scenarios and found myself not just typing LOL, but actually laughing out loud.

1). 20’s vs. 30’s: Going Out

2). 20’s vs. 30’s: Working Out

Ideally, I’d like to celebrate 35 by horseback riding through a mountain trail, followed by a crest view sushi lunch with champagne. All of that horseback riding and sushi eating would give way to an outdoor hour long massage, a bubble bath, and a nap. Feeling refreshed, I’d slip on a bohemian dress and cowboy boots and join Derek by a sunset bonfire. We’d dance to Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

We’re not really close enough to the mountains for this to be a plausible scenario but a girl can dream. There will be champagne and a cookies and cream ice cream cake.

As long as I don’t have to bounce in da clubs, I’m alright with that.


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