Hold Me Back!

All I wanted to do was cash my paycheck at the bank today. It’s such a simple task and usually it’s 99.9% Mean Girl free. Not today.

It was around 17 degrees when I entered the bank. North Carolinians are not used to such frigid temperatures, so I was doing my best impression of Ralphie’s brother from “A Christmas Story”.

Image result for a christmas story randy

My outer wear was a bit more chic than this. Nobody had to know I was wearing thermal pajamas underneath.

This was basically my outfit today:


Just some simple cold weather gear + my sweater headband that looks a little like the picture below:

How dare I?

A beast of a woman works at my bank, and as I stood in line, I watched her pointedly walk over to another teller and whisper something in her ear. The teller whom she’d whispered to, immediately looked in my direction (specifically at my head) and then I just stood there as the two tellers carried on a conversation about my headband. The mean teller was now seated at her post which was on the far end of the neutral teller. I was the only customer in the bank, so I had no other choice but to watch the debate over my headband. Neutral teller had made eye contact with me. She knew I knew what was going on and said:”I have three or four of those at home; One in purple, one in red…”. Mean teller decried: “Are you serious”? “You’d never catch me wearing one of those”.

At this point, I made a dramatic “what the fuck” hand gesture. I had no words. Koko the Gorilla would have better articulated my feelings in this moment; but she was not around and I don’t know sign language.

I left the bank feeling colder than when I’d walked in but there was some solace. The woman who was hating on me so hard, looks like a combo of these two characters:

Image result for weird science

Just add a mullet cut and voila!




9 thoughts on “Hold Me Back!

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry Kim, I wouldn’t wear the headbands either but I made many for a friend who used to sell them. Mine were crocheted and had a huge flower on the side. And trust me, she sold all of them and many women were proud wearing them.
    I still don’t get why Turdy Warty had a problem with you wearing one. 🙂

    • Turdy Warty! I’m laughing sooo hard at that! I do not go for the headbands with flowers or sparkles or butterflies and shit. Mine is so basic and it’s a neutral color. Oh well…Turdy Warty doesn’t seem like a very happy soul. She’ll have her insults to keep her warm at night, while I’ll have my sweater headband. I’m wearing it right now. 🙂

      On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 8:03 AM, kimboxin wrote:


  2. This reminds me of a story my mother (who is an attractive older woman, by the way) told me about the two women at her doctor’s office. My mother recently made her hair blonde (so when the gray roots came in they wouldn’t be as noticeable) and the women just went on and on about how bad it looked-right to her face. Hey, what are you gonna do? Haters gonna hate!!

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