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Snow Pummels The South: Where’s The Milk?

Raleigh, NC got it’s first winter storm last night and my city is all but shut down! Unlike our neighbors further up the Eastern Seaboard, who have been deluged with 14″ plus, we received anywhere from 1/2″-2″ of any icy mix.

I’ve never understood the desperate need to purchase a highly perishable item such as milk when facing a possible power outage. I suppose the logic is that you can keep it cold by sticking it in the snow and then gorge on Lucky Charms. I have two problems with this: I never liked Lucky Charms (marshmallows aren’t supposed to be crunchy) and I live on the first floor of an apt. building in downtown. If I stick my milk in the snow, a bum will steal it.

It’s easy to laugh at us southerners for having a complete melt down when faced with the obstacle of winter weather. We rarely get it, so we’re simply not prepared for it, but we’re laughing at ourselves too. For all of you snow-shovel wielding scoffers; I invite you to have a drink with me on the porch come August. As you enter the 5th ring of hell (Anger), you’ll find no cool breeze to temper your violent thoughts. The air is so sticky that you can’t stand for your sweaty arms to touch your own sides. The thought of embracing another sticky human presents itself like capital punishment. Insert “air hugs/air kisses/air hi-fives” here ____.

My man and I were both released from work today. The main roads were clear but the secondary roads are still sheets of ice. With cabin-fever setting in, we made the crunchy walk to our favorite bar. We slipped and we slid, but we never fell. On our icy walk, we passed by half a dozen businesses that had “closed” notices pasted to their windows. We didn’t expect for them to be open, and they weren’t our destination.

The bartender Chico beamed his million dollar smile as we crossed the slushy threshold of Landmark Tavern. Hugs were exchanged while he placed our usual drinks in front of us (a glass of Picpoul wine for me and a beer and a shot of Cuervo for Derek).

Going out for a drink is so rare for us these days. It’s so nice to have a snow day sometimes. Remember being a kid and waiting for the weatherman to announce that your school would be closed? Today was that day for us, and it might be repeated tomorrow.






3 thoughts on “Snow Pummels The South: Where’s The Milk?

  1. That inch of snow is all I can handle and only if it’s one day!! It truly bothers me and I totally understand how you feel about not knowing how to act.
    Also the summer feeling is shared (at least when I was living in Buenos Aires, here we have only one week of hot weather spread in 2 months, rarely more).

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