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Internet Trolls

I can’t believe I live in an age where people anonymously dice and shred others to the core…just for the sake of a differing opinion. The internet has a term for these people; Trolls. I wish they lived under bridges like those fabled creatures. Maybe some of that bridge dwelling would humble them, and cause a bit of introspection. The sad truth is that these trolls are like you and me. They vomit hatred on the world but most likely do so from a comfy chair, and perhaps have a warm cup of chamomile tea at-the-ready, when they need refreshment in between rounds of taking their angst out on the world at large. V over at inspired this post with her article about trolls on YouTube. It’s worth the read but I’ll sum it up. Her post had an emphasis on “haters” leaving nasty comments on beauty blogger’s videos. Some were called fat. Some were instructed to wear their hair a different way. It’s seemingly easy to dismiss these trolls, along with their spelling errors, but it’s so hard to look the other way when you are a witness to actual bullying. We all know that bullies are cowards. The ability to hide that cowardice behind a screen name is what makes “standing up to them” so frustrating. I don’t fuel these idiots fire by commenting on their ignorance. That would be giving them the attention that they’re so desperate for.

That being said; I must point out some prime examples of trolling idiocy.

Classical Music on YouTube:

I love drawing a hot bubble bath and soaking in it while I read a book (because I’m classy and shit). I light candles and hook up my computer to the t.v. while pumping the relaxing sounds of Beethoven or Vivaldi via YouTube. I never imagined I’d find a troll on a classical music post, but they’re there. They’re everywhere!

Here are some of their classy comments:

who in the hell can fall asleep to high treble chords at fast speeds… im not on blow.  What a shitty piece of shit video

 B·U·L·L·S·H·I·T·. These ‘performances’ are all artificial. If you’re going to use MIDIs at least specify so.
Also, 8 hours my ass. It’s just a short loop repeated for ages.
Go fuck ur self it is good
I love how you took the time to write “it is” when you could have wrote “it’s”, yet you couldn’t take one single second out of your busy life to type “yourself” instead of “ur self”.

What? Stfu. Sorry. I mean… Shut the fuck up

Yoga on YouTube:

I love it. I love the fact that I get a free instructor in the privacy of my own home, without having to shove my downward dog ass into a stranger’s face. These instructors bare the brunt of troll comments as well.

Here are a few of the most troubling comments:

Dude ur fat!

Wtf? It’s called healthy. No way she’s fat. (not troubling, just a response)

She made me come

These trolls are brash. They are crude, and they are way off the mark. If that yoga instructor is fat, God help all of us “normals”.

You know what I love about WordPress? I love the fact that we can moderate and approve comments. If someone leaves a hateful or crazy comment, we can just not approve it. YouTube should catch up by empowering their content providers with the same choices.

All or nothing is not the way.


11 thoughts on “Internet Trolls

  1. Wow, I can’t believe someone would do that on a classical music video. You know what gets me? As you probably know, my kids are in a rock music school. There are tons of videos posted of my kids and their friends performing and there are always trolls there writing about how much they suck! Come on people!! These are kids!! (And believe my Kim, they don’t suck.)

  2. As you know, I blogged about this too. I remember a post I had on my old site, about an incident that happened to me in Saudi. Basically, I was offered to buy a “wife”. I, of course, turned it down. The admin team on the old site asked if they could run the story on the main site, the media site, and I was honoured and let them. I checked back a couple of hours later and had dozens of comments – half of which simply called me a “pussy” for not doing it. Others insulted my intelligence, others went off on racist tangents about certain ethnicities (although none of the ethnicities they ranted about had anything to do with the tale).

    Sadly, it is easier to tear down than it is to build up. And when you can hide like the cowards that they are, why not?

    • I can honestly say that no one has ever tried to sell me another human being.That’s one experience I’m happy not to have had. I’m sure when you posted your story, you were expecting readers to rise to the defense of such victims.
      Did you get sucked into any debates with the trolls or did you instantly realize that you can’t fix stupid?

      • I did not respond to a single comment, and when the main news site wanted to publish another piece of mine about suicide, I declined and said I wasn’t prepared to suffer another attack on me as a person. The editors completely understood.

      • Good for you. It’s sometimes easy to become defensive and get caught up in the negativity, but it typically just leads to more negativity. Better to take the high road.

      • My mind is usually in the gutter but somehow I end up on the high road often enough.

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