Premio Dardos Writing Award!

Many thanks to Colleen at http://silverthreading.com/ for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Award. She has a lovely and prolific blog, and I’m truly honored to be included in her list of nominees.

In light of what this reward represents, I’m going to bend the rules and link to a few writers (not 15) who write in a way I wish I could write. Their words and the way they craft them, inspire me to delve deeper. Some of these writers have less than 100 followers, and some have almost 15,000. Regardless of ‘stats’, these writers are truly gifted, and help me to keep pushing on in my own endeavors. I hope they’ll inspire you too.

https://storyshucker.wordpress.com/ After reading one of this man’s recent posts, I commented that his words are like “spiced olive oil that I want to dredge a piece of crusty bread through”. He has nearly 15,000 followers but still found the time to reply.

https://intersolarblues.wordpress.com/ This girl’s work is poignant and heartbreaking. Her words hit every exposed nerve. Please read Dash of Downer by her. This was my response to that entry: “Your writing is awe-inspiring. You are truly gifted. I just cant say enough about it”.

https://notesfromanarcissist.wordpress.com/ This guy is on the right side of wrong so many times that it makes your head spin! If you’re a sucker for satire, buckle up!

http://rachelbeingchatty.com/ This girl writes little satirical quips daily. They’re short, sweet and hilarious. “Why didn’t I think of that? That’s the question I always ask myself after reading her posts. The answer is simple. She thought of it first.

Thanks again to Colleen. There are so many inspiring writers on WordPress, and I could have gone on and on with my list of nominees. The nominees I chose, are the ones who most closely align with my writing style, or the writing style I aspire to.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.






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