I’m Weird, You’re Weird: Let’s Compare!

1). I believe in segregation. Cancel that call to Jesse Jackson, people! I’m talking about food. My food is not allowed to touch each other. The spinach can look at the chicken. They can flirt, maybe even give each other a little wink. But if they’re caught canoodling, they’re deemed as defiled.

2). I sleep with a dog on my head. It’s a stuffed toy, and yes it is totally weird for a 34 year old to have a stuffed animal. It was a Valentines gift, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. It acts not only as a sleep mask, but as a noise buffer against my beloved’s incessant snoring.

3). I have mini-melt downs if the sheets are tucked in to the foot of the bed. It just makes me feel like I’ll never break free. The same panic sets in with turtle necks, and coat zippers that get stuck. When did fabric get so hostile?

4). I’ll inspect the items in your grocery cart. Everybody does that. But if mine is loaded down with red meat, and Doritos, and yours is stocked with kale, and Kashi, I’ll move on to a less judgmental line. What gives you the right to look in my cart anyway?

5). I do yoga (yay me!). It just gets weird when I find myself doing yoga poses while carrying out mundane chores. While pouring milk into my coffee the other day, I found myself in this position (pretty much).

Let’s just be thankful I wasn’t in crow position.

That would be awkward, especially because I can’t do this pose yet.

I can do this pose, which is the building block for crow.

Things just got weird. You’re welcome!

13 thoughts on “I’m Weird, You’re Weird: Let’s Compare!

  1. Okay, so here’s the comparison… I’m weird and you’re weirder!! Just kidding. This blog was very brave of you. I’m just as weird but in different ways which I will probably never blog about, ha!

      • Okay, well I am an incessant planner and I obsess over time. I mean I hate to be late but also can’t stand if dinner is late and things like that, which I think pushes it to the point of weirdness. I’ve gotten a little better about it now because my husband is so not like that it made me embarrassed and then also, because my children have so many extracurricular activities that make it impossible to do certain things at a certain time that I’ve just grown to deal with it, but not without some anxiety.

        How’s that?

      • That’s awesome Marissa. I am also a bit phobic about being late. My partner is not, so I’ve learned to fudge the time a little to ensure that we get places on time.

  2. I will walk alongside a road picking up litter and things that can be recycled. If a driver who drove past and did not know me, they would probably think I was a tramp. and I er um……run! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. As mentioned above, it was brave of you. The world would certainly not be as wonderful if everyone was carbon copy the same. 🙂


  3. I have so many Kim!!
    My sandwiches need to be even. Every bite has to taste the same. I hate store bought sandwiches because even if I patchwork the filling, there is never enough cucumber or tomato to lay on the entire bread… So I end up eating them first so every bite tastes the same.
    Then I have milk repulsion. That is, if a drop of milk touches me, I’ll be washing my hands like a surgeon before operating.
    Same problem with the sheets around my feet (and with gloves), not with turtle necks as my throat is very weak and it’s always protected.
    Those are only a few, of course! 🙂

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