I Could Kiss You On The Mouth

A small window opens between being pissed about having to show i.d., and not being asked at all. I always looked young for my age, and I despised it. At five-foot-nothing, I always resented answering the door and being asked “are your parents at home”? God, I just wanted to be recognized as a woman. This continued in to my late twenties.

Now that I’m in my thirties, I’ve finally grown boobs. Yay me! Along with the boobs came an actual woman’s body. I have hips, I have an ass, and I have a waist. Let’s not talk about my waist. Checks and balances people!

I turn 35 in March. Until then, I’m in the 25-34 year old category of most statistics. In  three months time, I will fall in to a “middle-aged” bracket. This is hard to believe as I was 15, only yesterday. Just ask my memory.

You know what’s embarrassing when purchasing alcohol at my age? Having your i.d. ready, and then not being asked to show it. I know that I don’t look like a 21 year old, but the rule (in my state) is to ask for i.d. if the purchaser looks younger than 42 (I think). Whatever. It’s somewhere around that age. Just throw a girl a bone, cashier person!

I am fully aware of the fact that we humans, have to age. Through aging, we gain wisdom while losing all of the things that were very firm. I get it, but I think it’s a really stupid rule. Can’t I be wise with the body of my 26 year old self (my best year)?

Perhaps evolution will someday trump saline and silicone. For now: my breasts will fight the good fight against gravity. If I will them to stay in place, and wear really good bras, they’ll hopefully stand at attention for many years to come.

While purchasing wine the other night, the cashier asked to see my i.d. When she saw my birth year was 1980, she commented that she expected it to read 1990.

Small victories right? I could have kissed her right on the mouth! If a tip jar had been available, I would have filled it to the brim.

I’m ashamed of my ego, but such is life. What are your thoughts on aging? What bums you out or makes your day? Do tell.

18 thoughts on “I Could Kiss You On The Mouth

  1. Is there a woman alive, above the age of 30, who hasn’t felt this way at some point? As I approach my 59th birthday – in March – my thrills have changed to when a cashier / salesperson calls me ‘Miss’ instead of “ma’am” 😉

    • It’s the little things isn’t it? I’ve already adjusted to being called ma’am, as it’s just common courtesy in my neck of the woods. So, that’s one less battle I’ll have to contend with. :). Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. I’ll be 43 next month. The last time someone asked for my ID, it was to see if I was “legal”. 😀
    I don’t mind about aging. I only hate the crazy hormones, growing hair is strange places, forgetting everything and the tissues hanging all around. 🙂

      • Next comes:
        Saying 3 times the same thing in one sentence.
        More hair.
        Some skin marks (or warts :D).
        More tissues hanging (many more!).
        Less patience (if any).
        The freaking list goes on and on!!

  3. Aging sucks. Some deal with it better than others, thanks to attitude and genes, but all of us will eventually reach a time when it has us in it’s clutches. The thing is, everyone gets older, ‘even children get older’ (Landslide) and there will always be people younger and older than us (but the ratios will change, hee, hee). BTW, at my local grocery store there is a sign that says ‘If you’re younger than 27, be prepared to show I.D.’.

  4. Great post. Was fortunate to be called “young lad” well into my thirties. When I was 18 I wanted it to be “young man,” but in my 30’s I loved being called “young lad”. 🙂
    In my perspective losing a father when he was 47 from a heart attack set a bit of a tone. It really has shown me the brevity of life. Every day is a gift, and we do get older. I’m not as fit as I used to be, but I keep working at eating healthier, taking up running etc. to slow the “aging process”, and “hopefully” not succumb to a heart attack like my dad.
    Hard to believe in just over 3 years, I’ll be showing proof of age that I am a “senior”. Many businesses give discounts at 60 in Canada.
    Where did the time go???

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