Christmas Bloopers (A Tap On The Ass)

I’d be a bad blogger if I left out the juicy and tawdry bits. It is my duty to report all of the facts ma’am or sir!

No booze were involved. The punch was not spiked and the nog consisted of just egg and nog…or whatever goes into Eggnog sans booze.

I was standing in the kitchen by my common-law- sister-in-law when my common-law husband made an announcement (we’re married but we’re not-keep up people). His face was beet-red as he apologized to Rachel for “patting her on the ass”. He just wanted to clear the air, and let the record state that he thought he was patting my ass.

Rachel was a champ and many perv jokes ensued at Derek’s expense. His snafu brought merriment to us all!

Upon saying goodbye, Rachel suggested that she should give Derek’s ass a tap. An eye for an eye and an ass for an ass.

All I could say was “good game”!


This guy again!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Bloopers (A Tap On The Ass)

  1. 🙂 I’m laughing Kim!
    The day I met my sister in law, she walked in the bathroom when I was sitting on the toilet. She felt terrible but I was laughing. For the next many times, every time I went to the bathroom I said to her: “I’ll be sitting on the toilet, just in case you want to walk in”. Poor girl she still blushing.

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