And To All A Good Night

Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child brings back all of the wonderment of the season. Their belief in the “magic” of it all causes us to suspend our jaded disbelief…if only for a day.

Today I built a princess castle with two little princesses. I watched a little boy fire a rifle at a cup full of water, and beam as he hit the target and made it explode. I made a necklace of macaroni and plastic beads, and was asked in a super-secret hushed tone if I’d ever seen Santa. When I replied that I thought I’d caught a glimpse of him, I was met with the confident assurance that my two nieces had met him in person-in the store. Of that, they were sure.

I can’t always make it home to visit my blood relatives during the holidays, and I hate that. What I don’t hate, and am ever grateful of, is having a family-away from-family that makes me feel at home.

The girls (and Derek) took turns trying on my sunglasses today. I don’t know why it made them squeal with delight. It just did. Little kids are magic. They remind us that life is full of boo-boos. If we’re lucky enough to see the world through the eyes of a child, we’ll be mindful of the fact that a kiss on the knee, warm embrace or kind word, can sometimes miraculously and instantaneously heal, a “boo-boo”.


Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

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