That Guy

You know the guy. We all know the guy. “That guy” is the guy at the party who knows more than anyone else has, or will ever know. That guy knows how to clear a room.

I added a new post last night, and it was well received. I got some laughs and positive comments. Just one laugh and one positive comment truly makes my day. We’re all in the same boat here. We share our experiences, flaws and perspectives. We expose ourselves in the hopes that at least one person will identify. We wade through grammatical errors in order to get to the heart of what is being said.

I made a grammatical mistake last night when I said I’d hit the “mother load”. One blogger stopped by to correct my mistake. He didn’t follow my blog but merely stopped by to say that the correct term is ‘mother lode”. I didn’t have to approve his comment but I felt like biting back. His photo is of him holding a cat, and I simply replied: “Thanks for your correction guy with cat”.

We are all in this together. If a few i’s aren’t dotted and a few t’s aren’t crossed, so be it. No one wants to be the asshole with the red correction pen. Nobody likes that guy.

10 thoughts on “That Guy

  1. I’m italian and I often (soooo often) do mistakes with my english…but i suppose that it’ok, if someone, who talks another language, could understand me…Like jia-rong, from Thaiwan..If “taiwanees” catch what i’m talking about, well, it’s not so bad…SO if i, an italian girl, could perfectly understand what you write, YOUR ENGLISH IS OK. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been that guy. But I went to school with a lot of those guys and girls. Even in creative writing class when the story, characters, pace, etc., were more important, some would just pick out that a comma was used wrong or the term was different.

    • I’m terrible! I just pressured you in to reading my posts, but thanks for playing along. Maybe this is the key to getting more followers on my blog? Brute force :). That guy really does suck though.

      • I’ve been away a lot the past few weeks so I haven’t been reading at all. No pressure. I do love your blog. Always witty, well-written, and fun. Sorry for my absence.

  3. No worries. I have trouble keeping up with the selected posts that are sent to my email. If I didn’t work from home, I’m sure they’d mostly be buried. Thanks for taking the time to read my recent posts. I always enjoy reading yours.

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