Ghosts of Myspace Past

Remember that site called Myspace? It has all but gone the way of the dinosaurs but somehow still exists. It is what the flip phone is to the newest iPhone, the “You’ve got mail” to “The cloud”. The red seas of social media parted, and in their wake remained the dry grounds of Facebook.

Somewhere around 2007 I migrated over to FB along with the masses. My original about me quote remains as “Finally coming around to the Facebook takeover”. I never missed Myspace until it was seemingly too late. About a year ago I remembered that there were some photos on the site that I didn’t have copies of, but wanted. I remembered my username and password, and logged in but the site had completely revamped and had deleted all of my old content. I was bummed. I searched for ways to retrieve the data but all roads led to no.

Last night I Googled myself and to my astonishment, my name was not at the top of the search results. I did find a link to my old Myspace account and was able to access and download my old photos that way. I basically had to go around my ass to get to my elbow, but I was just happy to finally be able to retrieve my “lost” photos. If you are in the same predicament as I was…just Google yourself. Euphemism or not, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the results!

Found Myspace photos:







I’m so happy I was able to salvage some of these Myspace photos and they validate a few things:

1). I am incapable of being photographed unless I am ‘hamming it up”.

2). If you fall in love with a hairy man who kind of resembles Curt Cobain…it can last.

3). Once upon a time…I did fit in to a size two. I might never be able to wear them again but the 2’s have their own drawer. It’s my wishful thinking drawer.

13 thoughts on “Ghosts of Myspace Past

  1. You are beautiful Kim!! I love I could see your smile 🙂

    My name is the female version of John Smith… I guess I could be days searching and I’m not sure I’d love my findings in the end 😀

    • Thank you Paola. That is very sweet of you to say :).
      Your name is so exotic sounding to me. I had no idea it is common in your home country. I think it’s a lovely name :).

  2. I’ll add to the chorus and say you’re crazy pretty. A consensus has been formed! I have a folder on my computer called “Myspace photos” – I did the exact same thing, but I guess I broke into my account again before they revamped everything. And I had the same thoughts – oh, look how cute and small I was. I need to remind myself that 40 something Sarah is going to look at 30 something Sarah and say, Oh look how cute and wrinkle-free I was! Why didn’t I notice at the time, aargh! I’m making the assumption that my size has finished its great expansion. 😉

  3. A most excellent array of photos. The only photos I look good in are the ones I don’t know are being taken. And my apologies to hairy Kurt Cobain lookalikes but my God, you are attractive. Just saying.

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