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The Bing Bling Bar: Search and Get Free Stuff!

I’ve never been a proponent of highlighting freebies, discounts or coupons on my blog. Bloggers who do, do it right and do it consistently. That’s not my domain, but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t share my recent super deal with my readers.

Back in the Summer I downloaded the Bing search engine on a whim. The frugal part of me was lured by it’s “rewards” and I just had to give it a try. I expected little and was rewarded greatly. I am not a Bing affiliate. I’m just a satisfied user.

Bing is a search engine like Google, but with Bing, each internet search adds points to your rewards account. I spent my first 1,000 points on Starbucks gift cards. 1,000 points = $10. If you search anything on the internet it’s easy to rack up these points.

With Christmas coming I decided to store my points and wait to cash them in until I got to $20 worth. I’m so glad I did!

Derek has had his eye on a pair of Sorel boots:

These boots retail for $130 and I was prepared to spend that. I had been searching sales but couldn’t find them listed for any lower than retail.

On Cyber Monday I took one more chance and found them on sale for $87. Hello 33% off! I had found them on Amazon so I naturally cashed in my Bing rewards for 4 Amazon gift cards ($5 max per each Bing reward). My Bing rewards brought the total from $67 to $82 with tax and shipping but there was on more reward to be had. By agreeing to a free Amazon Prime trial subscription I got free shipping. I have 30 days to cancel, and I’m feeling the high that ‘extreme couponers’ must get. I paid a total of $72 for boots worth $130. That’s 56% off!

Bing it up people: There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

7 thoughts on “The Bing Bling Bar: Search and Get Free Stuff!

  1. Well done Kim!! 🙂
    (And the search for the pants made me laugh for a long time… I’m not sure I found some like yours but I get the guy’s comment now 🙂 )

  2. Ha! You remind me of a neighbor I one had who brought home bags of groceries and claimed she spent only 97 cents! Most times I cant be bothered with these things but I may just have to check this out. Sounds like a good one!

    • I don’t have time for most of that mess either but if you search the internet anyway, you might as well make cash while doing it. Honestly, I like Bing better than Google even without the perks :).

      On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 8:30 PM, kimboxin wrote:


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