Christmas Wish List (Are you reading this Santa?)

I know I KNOW that Christmas is commercialized to the max. Last year (out of necessity) I gave out handmade gifts, and it should have felt really “rewarding” but I’ve gotta tell you…it didn’t. I’m a gift giver by nature, and I absolutely love the process of seeking out personal gifts for my loved ones that (hopefully) match their style and interests. Know what else I love? Getting gifts! There. I said it. I’m a horrible person who admits to getting a rush while ripping open packages. I’m just crazy about it!

Gone are the days where Derek and I blow entire paychecks on each other at Christmas. We’ve grown up together (a little) over these past nine years, and are a bit more sensible now. Now we just hint hardcore at the items that we want and then choose a few for each other + a few little surprises. It’s our system and it works for us.

Here are a few of my “hints”:

1).Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

Hey! It could snow here in NC this year and if it does, I want to be ready. Truth be told, I own a version of this boot by a lesser quality brand, and they’ve disintegrated in two years time. Sometimes it’s worth it to invest in quality. Plus…they’re so cute!

2).Vintage Art Deco Watch

Try to imagine these without the ice or the bling or the blingy ice because we can afford none of those.

I’d be just as happy with a filigree watch like this. I just love the dainty vintage charm. There’s a watch under there…you just flip up the face!

3).Cowhide Rug

You can take the girl out of Texas but…

I grew up with rugs like these that were spread out over our (cold on the feet) red clay tile floor. It’s a nostalgia piece.

4).Cloth bound classic books

So far, I have the middle two (Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights). I know…I’m a girl. That has been established.

5). A Fluffy Corgi

It’s not just a Corgi, it’s a freaking Fluffy Corgi! There’s nothing I don’t love about these dogs, from their big ears to their squat little legs with over-sized paws. If none of these attributes melt your heart, you’re either dead inside or you haven’t seen a Corgi butt.

Here’s a Corgi butt

I will refrain from uploading every adorable Corgi image that the web has to offer. Instead, I’ll leave you with an adorable video.

Okay, I’ve shared the stuff I want. I know you’re all good people who want world peace but you have to covet at least one teensy thing for yourself.

If you knew Santa would read and respond to your list; what would you ask for this Christmas?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List (Are you reading this Santa?)

  1. I love those Corgi’s! I don’t have anything on my list right now. Perhaps a day or two of peace and quiet would be something I want. 😀

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