Questions About Me…Answered By Me!

I don’t do the blog awards thing but I do love the Q&A aspect. I outright stole this list of questions from my very funny friend over at weight2lose2013 . I ganked, I commandeered ,I absconded with it!

My questions:

1.)  Who was your first crush? Todd Collins. He had my heart when he and my other crush entered the 4th grade talent show as Hans and Franz from SNL. I recently reconnected with him via FB and divulged my secret.

2.)  Name the first movie that you went to with only your friends. Wayne’s World (Party time-excellent!)

3.)  What was the best concert that you’ve seen live? Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. It was under the stars at an art museum and he got so pissed by the chatter of one individual, that he stopped the show to call out the verbal offender.

4.)  Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Chocolate dummy. Throw some peanut butter in, and I’m a happy girl!

5.)  What is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you? Took me in as a 20 year old ‘orphan’ and truly made me a part of their wonderful and loving family.

6.)  What is the kindest thing that you have done for a stranger? My heart goes where it will and listing my “kind deeds” kind of defeats the purpose. I am a sucker for aimless youths. Sometimes you have to see their potential for them.

7.)  What is a perfect, romantic date for you? I can go out or stay in, but a cozy fireplace with a perfectly cooked Filet and a bottle of champagne will melt my heart.

8.)  Beaches or Mountains? Both! I’m fortunate to live in an area where either one is a two hour drive.

9.)  What is your favorite candle scent? Apple by Bath and Body Works. I’ve been burning mine since September and it smells just like an orchard.

10.)  What song do you HAVE to sing when it’s played on the radio? Any one that I don’t want stuck in my head. If i’m lucky it will be by Queen or David Bowie. I always want for it to be David Bowie and this one gets me every time…

Life On Mars by David Bowie

5 thoughts on “Questions About Me…Answered By Me!

  1. Awesome, Kim! I love the Q&A part of these things the most. Bowie is one of my faves. Life on Mars is brilliant, as is most of the Hunky Dory album.

  2. 🙂 I understand you about the awards! I accept them, thank the person and display them as a trophy… I break the chain, not very sportive, but a prize shouldn’t come with a price 🙂

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