Things That Should Never Be Purchased At The Dollar Store

I bleeping love the $1 store. Purchasing items like dish soap, tin foil and cheese graters saves me so much cash, but I would never do all of my shopping there.

I frequent the dollar store and am often amused by some of the items offered for sale. I always wish I had my camera (my phone camera is crap). Today I happened to have my handy-dandy Nikon.


Mystery meat sold here! Hmm…that bloody pouch of flesh looks appetizing but I’m saving room for out of date candy. Pass.


“This product is not formulated to melt”.

Cheese has two jobs:

1) Being yummy

2). Melting

In their defense, they did not go as far as to actually describe the product as cheese. I think I’ll pony up the extra two bucks at the grocery store for the melt-y luxury.


The dollar store pregnancy test. For that time in your life when you want to know but don’t really want to know for sure.

Sure it’s scary to think about these items being sold for 1 dollar. Scarier still, is thinking about what the dollar store paid for these items. Let’s ballpark it and assume that the pouch of meat cost them 20 cents. I’m a visual person, so my mind naturally pictures a worker staying past hours to sweep the floor of a meat factory. A backdoor transaction takes place and the middle man (a.k.a) the dumpster, is cut out. The consumer is now free to enjoy their floor meat at a fraction of the cost!

I really wanted to take a photo of the “halibut” just for the hell of it, but they’d either sold out or removed the product due to a pending lawsuit.

If I’m putting my money where my mouth is, I think I’ll refrain from letting dollar store perishables pass through these lips. Just think of all the money I’ll save on E.R. visits!

That saved money can buy me so much useless crap at the dollar store!

10 thoughts on “Things That Should Never Be Purchased At The Dollar Store

  1. Yes, love the dollar store too and there are definitely items you shouldn’t buy there but in all honesty, I did buy a pregnancy test there. I didn’t really think I was preggo or I would have pulled out the big bucks, just kind of having a panic attack and wanted to sooth my nerves. The thing is, it’s just the strip, no stick or anything which is why it’s so cheap. It’s not really convenient to use, and I’m no expert, but it seemed reliable to me.

  2. I didn’t know that they sold mystery meat there. I usually go there and get cheapy air buds. They last for a few weeks, and they’re only a buck!

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