Happy Halloween Ya’ll


My Cleopatra costume wasn’t meant to be. I’m a Pisces, so I use the term ‘wasn’t meant to be’ at will. Truth be told: I never even started the project. I’m good at deadlines, but if one isn’t imposed, I fail miserably. Generic cat it is then!

Please stand by for ‘duck-faced’ selfies. I swear that I will my mouth in to a non-duck pose when taking photos of myself. I just think it’s impossible. My lips make up half of my face as is. Oh, well. Quack, quack.

My Halloween plans were surreptitiously changed by the aforementioned surplus of Barbie consignments that I received last night.


I drew on my kitty face and assembled my chocolate basket in preparation for the trick-or-treaters. I snapped photos for eBay and waited for a knock at the door.

No knocks came! It’s creepy to say that I tried to lure children to my apartment, but I did try to lure children to my apartment. The half-rotten jack-o-lantern was lit, and I was ready to dole out treats. Our zone is commercial via resedential, so no cuties in costumes knocked on my door.

Ya know.I gave it a valiant effort. Come and knock on my door for a treat. If you don’t, I will eat all of the chocolate by myself!

Yep. Those might be bunny ears but there’s a 50/50 chance that they’re cat ears.


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