The Saddest Dog In The World


Sarah Mclachlan will not be sappily serenading this pup. If you live overseas, that’s a reference to a series of SPCA spots that showcase mangled dogs with Sarah’s syrupy sweet “In The Arms Of The Angels” song, playing in the background.

Lucy the dog, is a rescue and she is loved infinitely. My mate never wanted a dog but I needed one, so he finally gave in. Lucy is his dog. She’s mine but she’s his. The guy who didn’t want a dog, is now found ‘burrito wrapping’ her in blankets as a nightly bed-time ritual. He places her biddy (a blanket that she sucks on) next to her head, and then kisses her goodnight.

It’s altogether ridiculous and heart-warming. Lucy has a pretty great life, but she doesn’t seem to know that most of the time.

Any chance I get, I take her to our favorite spot, on the lush grounds of an abandoned mental hospital. It sounds crazy (pun intended) but the place is stunning and tranquil. I throw the ball for her until she lies down, and then I spread a blanket and read a book as she laps water from her bowl and finally comes to a rest.



The view’s not half bad, if you ask me, and she seems content as well. Rolling in the grass is her favorite thing besides tennis ball.


These photos were taken two days ago. The sweet memory is enough to sustain a human for a while but Lucy was all pouts today.

I was in and out, and running all over the place today. Lucy’s ears perked up each time I headed towards the door, only to be dejected. It just wasn’t her time to go for a ride.

Towards the end of the night, I did manage to take her for a ride to the grocery store, and opened the window for her viewing and sniffing pleasure. She was happy in the moment but when we got home she retreated to a couch she never sits on. I can only describe the look she gave me, as one of anguish. I was annoyed. I was annoyed by a dog and found myself sarcastically saying “Really Lucy”? “Life’s so bad that you have to pout”. I then fantasized about Lucy taking on a job to ‘contribute’ to the family. Perhaps she’d do well in a Barkery. That’s a real thing, BTW.

Pouts or not, this rescue dog truly rescued us more than we rescued her. I talk to her all of the time and she rarely understands. The fact that she tries so hard, as she cocks her head from side to side, matters. Her tail wags at the faintest sound of our voices, and that is perfect love.


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