Sunday In The South Photos: A Frightful Night


If the Headless Horseman ever decided to relocate from The Sleepy Hollow to a sleepy southern metropolis, tonight would have been his night.

I woke up this morning as spry as usual, and ready to make the most of our free time. This afternoon was slated as our annual pumpkin picking day. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, and is always spent at the farmer’s market with a basket of hot hush puppies and a sampling of steaming apple cider from a local orchard. The weather had different plans and put a halt to ours.

What to do on a rainy day? Changing gears, we decided on a late lunch of overpriced sushi and miso soup. The service was apathetic and the soup was barely lukewarm but our booth was cozy. We held hands as we secretly poked fun at our surly waiter. He’s a charmer I said, after he dropped off my salad and could barely contain an eye roll when I opted for flatware vs. chopsticks. I know my limitations with chopsticks, and my skills are not advanced enough to tackle half an avocado and frisee the size of my palms, without it ending up in the laps of the neighboring diners. Just focus on your tip you judgmental waiter!

A rainy day movie was next on the agenda and we chose “Gone Girl”.

D was somewhat apprehensive about seeing it but I (somewhat) gently reminded him of all of the action movies that I had seen/slept through with him. Today’s movie was lady’s choice.

Holy shit! This movie was awesome. I read the book years ago but had forgotten all of the twists and turns. I don’t do horror movies but I’m always game for a good thriller. D is one of those movie-goers who actually is on the edge of his seat when he’s in to it. I saw his skinny butt inch towards the edge and knew I had made the right choice.

Most books don’t accurately translate to screen but I was awed by the fact that each setting was exactly as I’d pictured it, while reading the book. That’s a credit to the author for painting a word canvas. I was never so happy to forget so many details because the experience of watching the story play out was wholly new to me.

There’s a memorable scene which stars Neil Patrick Harris (a.k.a Barney Stinson, a.k.a Doogie Howser). I won’t give it away but it pretty much makes the whole movie worth watching. Our jaws were on the floor of the sticky theatre for at least 3 minutes after the scene ended.

With much to talk about, we ended the day of our abated plans with a trip to our favorite bar. I snapped the above photo of the spooky haze that cloaked the city. Each light on the rungs of the staircase glowed like jack-o-lanterns amidst the ominous fog.

It was an imperfectly perfect end to an imperfectly perfect day.

6 thoughts on “Sunday In The South Photos: A Frightful Night

  1. Not read the books or seen the movie. I think it starts in cinemas here in Dubai this Thursday. Sounds like it might be worth it.

    • It’s so good Ger. I still have the book and feel compelled to read it again. It’s twisted in the best way.Definitely worth seeing in a theatre.

      On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 12:46 AM, kimboxin wrote:


  2. This one is on our must see list, along with St. Vincent, with Melissa Mccarthy and Bill Murray. I love the photo! You got lemons for weather and made lemonade with it! 🙂

  3. Thanks! I honestly think the movie is a must see. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. St. Vincent looks like fun too , you can’t go wrong with that duo :).

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