Talk Foreign To Me: The Accent Effect

It’s no shocker that Americans are suckers for foreign accents.This American in particular, is set to swoon by a Scottish brogue. I usually have no idea what they’re saying but they sound so pretty while saying it. I sometimes wonder if an American accent has the same effect but it’s hard to imagine a girl getting googly over a Midwestern man’s accent. Say cheese steak again. I just can’t picture that scenario  An American man can say “I’ve just pissed in the toilet” and a girl will contort her face and reach for her hand sanitizer. But if a Scotsman declares  “I’ve just had a wee piss on the cludgie”, the reaction might be-keep talking.

Back in the mid nineties, my history buff father spent a few years tracing our lineage (before the internet). He was adopted, so it was a defining moment in his life. Just a year before Braveheart was released, we discovered that our lines traced back to William Wallace, and the Dove clan of Scotland as well as Welsh ancestry (French and Cherokee Indian on my Mother’s side) .Before we knew it, my dad’s prized Grizzly rug from his Alaskan hunt was replaced with a tartan that hung over our living room couch. The man, who was only equipped with a stop and go button, also bought a set of bagpipes. Did you know that there’s no volume control on bagpipes? I do.

All of these peculiarities should have turned me off of the whole Scottish thing but they only fed the fire-the fire that I dreamed would be stoked by a burly Scot with calloused hands.

I’m not even discriminating when it comes to who’s delivering the lines. It can be Sean Connery in his prime or old as hell, Comedian Billy Connolly (actually still sexy in my book) or Scrooge McDuck! That accent just makes my knees a little weak.


Last week I was face to face with an actual Scot (as I live and breathe). While working a catering event at the science museum. my beverage line was full of the typical nerdy science types, and no one in particular stood out as I scanned the crowd. They were all just scoops of vanilla pudding on top of other scoops of vanilla pudding. I was organizing my money the way I like it (all bills facing up and facing the same direction) when the next customer in line placed his order. I would not be able to pick this guy out of a line-up but upon hearing his Scottish accent, the tops of my ears got hot and I became flustered. He said “cheers” when all ten of my thumbs accepted his card, “cheers” when my mitts handed it back and “cheers” again, when my nervous Hulk fists handed him his drink.

I’m a silly girl but that’s my thing…at least one of my things. What’s your thing?

16 thoughts on “Talk Foreign To Me: The Accent Effect

  1. I live in Dubai where you can hear different accents throughout your day. The thing I find sexiest about an accent is the fact you actually listen to it. You want to hear what the person is saying so you can respond and hear them again. The conversation process seems better. A good conversation is sexy. As for me, an Australian accent is good. Having just returned from Sweden, I must say a Scandinavian accent would stop me too.

    • I think an Australian accent is #2 for me. As far as the Scandinavian accents go, I think I’d need a better frame of reference than “The Swedish Chef”. Bork, bork, bork!

      On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 1:57 AM, kimboxin wrote:


      • The accent I’m totally digging right now is actually Colombian-English as spoken by Sofia Vergara. Sigh.

      • Sigh is right. Modern Family is my favorite show, and I’m pretty happy with my “set”. Sofia Vergara is a game changer though. I think her proportions are the closest the real world will ever get to Jessica Rabbit. That makes me love/hate her but I think I have her accent down.

  2. Hmmm.. The list is long!! I discovered some time ago that I melt when German is whispered in my ear. Every time I mentioned that people thought I was odd (which I am, but they didn’t know it till that moment).
    Try making your boyfriend learn a phrase in German and let him whisper it to you this evening… Then you can choose if you want to tell me about it or not 😀

    • That’s cute! What defines weird anyway? I actually grew up in a German community (Fredericksburg, TX) but only the older citizens spoke German fluently. As luck would have it, my boyfriend is of German descent. Maybe I will have him learn a phrase or two. You just gave me an idea!

      On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 7:15 AM, kimboxin wrote:


  3. Yep, pretty much anything foreign. When my ny accent was still pretty thick I was told by a few people that that was a turn on although I honestly don’t get it. Hey, how about Gordon Ramsey? Isn’t he Scottish?

    • I can definitely see the appeal of an NY accent, It has an edge to it and tough can be sexy. Hadn’t thought of Gordon Ramsey but yes, he’s Scottish. He’s so mean but kind of a teddy bear at the same time :).

      On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 12:53 PM, kimboxin wrote:


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