Sunday In The South Photos: Being A Kid Again

I can describe the day as glorious but that simply doesn’t do it justice. The air was as crisp as a towel left to dry in the sun, and the sky was as blue as a Tiffany jewelry box.  Today was a beautiful day.




D and I had longstanding plans to go gem panning on the grounds of a castle that was built in 1832. After both of us finished work around midnight and imbibed a little, the three hour round trip was vetoed in favor of sleep.

We slept soundly until the luxurious hour of 11 a.m.  and then formulated a game plan. We’d missed out on our day trip but a local trip was still within our grasp.

Pullen Park is a five minute drive from us and has breathtaking views. The park was established in 1811 and boasts the 11th oldest carousel in the nation. We bought tickets for the ride at $1 a pop.




I picked my horse (Ostrich) and was slightly mortified that my feet couldn’t reach the foot-bar. At 5’3″ , I’m certainly taller than a 9 year old.


This guy was my cabbie.

It’s been at least 20 years since I was on a carousel but somehow, that old feeling of exuberance returned. I was rocking a perm-a-grin with each rise and drop.


This cat ate the canary. No shame.


This dude was chomping at the bits.

No cotton candy was being sold but this plant satisfied my sweet tooth.


It’s in the mid 60’s in North Carolina and that means skinny jeans are already being stuffed in to snow boots.

I’d judge but I’m wearing a puffy coat as I write this.

Happy Fall to us all!


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