So Long Sweet Summer (from my dog’s perspective)

So that’s it then summer? The calender has officially clocked you out today and you’re now free to laze about for the next 9 months. Well good for you. 

I hope to appeal to your sunny nature and, possibly, guilt trip you in to sticking around a bit longer. Just think of the overtime hours you’ll rack up! Help me help you take that Alaskan cruise you’ve always dreamed of but could never quite afford.

Can you really say no to this face?


You’re given a bad rap summer. Some refer to you as scorching or sticky, but I only see the good in you. Your warmth provides me with the opportunity to swim-and swimming is my favorite-besides ball. I also love ball.


This is a photo of me looking for a ball after I’ve emerged from the water. Have I mentioned that I love ball and water?

Summer, I want for you to know what’s in store for me in your absence.


As you can tell, this isn’t a selfie. If it was, the link would be #fuckthisshit

The photo was taken by a lady who calls herself my mom and the dude in the bunny ears is my third most favorite (besides water and ball). This crazy-photo happy lady-has yet another Halloween costume picked out for me this year and there’s a freakin’ tutu involved.

Summer; are you feeling some ice run through your veins yet? I know I am.

Speaking of ice…


I think I’ve made it pretty clear that there’s a crazy lady running around with dog outfits to spare. It’s humiliating enough as it is, but in the winter, there are layers…so many layers. When I haven’t been ridiculed enough by the people who “love me” there are also doggie snow boots. The horror!

I hope this letter has found you well summer, for you are my last hope. I’ll leave you with a final parting shot of a friend I made today. He was cute, big and strong and maybe, just maybe something would have come of it. Summer flings never last however, and the summer is officially over.


If you have to move on summer, I’ll let you go. Just know that while my legs are flying furiously in dream-state, I’m thinking of you. I hope you’ll think of me too.


Lucy Valentine







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