Nut In A Me Shell

I guess I’m just a big kid at heart. My tastes might not always be sophisticated but I choose to surround myself with things that I love…things that make me happy. Maybe I watched the movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks eight too many times, and maybe his decorating style rubbed off on me a little. Who can blame me? Dude had a trampoline in his living room! That, my friends, is style.

This is a photo of the wall above my work desk at home.


I get shit done even without a cat poster reminding me to “hang in there”. Why the xylophone? It was my favorite childhood toy and I just happened to find the exact same model at a thrift store for 50 cents. Don’t be jealous, but I’ve taught myself to play the first chord from “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on it.  Not all of us can be so highly skilled, but I’m sure you have your own hidden talent. The photo is of my favorite Grandpa and my least favorite Grandma. Grandpa (a.k.a Pappaw) was a devilish saint who taught me that good men, did in fact, exist. Grandma (a.k.a Mammaw) was kind of mean but my Pappaw loved her through and through and I trusted his judgement. Texans can be an obnoxious breed, but it’s not entirely our fault. The Texas shape you see is an ornament I made in the 4th grade. I didn’t choose the shape but I did choose to write “yee-haw ya’ll” above my class photo. The teachers made me do it??? Is that a Hot Wheels 73′ Ford Falcon I spy? Why, yes it is and I’m so glad you asked. Not only is this one of my classic dream cars, but this toy version might double in price. If it does, I’ll be sittin’ pretty on $8 small ones…that’s right, eight George Washingtons.

Gummy Bears were kind of my signature candy as a kid. The brand had to be Haribo and the white ones (pineapple) reigned supreme. Oh my gosh…I just realized I’m a gummy bear racist. It’s just a preference for pineapple people! Gummy Bears remind me of the time that my mom showed up at my school unannounced to take me to a Dr.’s appointment. That’s what she told my teacher, but her real motive was to take me to the Rainbow Brite movie. She was lonely for her youngest kid and popcorn and gummy bears abounded.


This is a photo of my own gummy bear stash. If you must know, I ate the entire bag in 2 days. I thoroughly enjoyed every chewy bite.

Photos 1 and 3 are my own. Share away, but only with my written consent.



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