Photos From My Home: Shape, Light & Texture


Vintage protractor set on light box.


Scorpions set in resin. A flea market find.


Things I wrap around my  bohemian head :).

I’m not a hippie. There’s nary a jam band song to be found on my play list and the closest I’ve come to being a “dead head” is eating some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  I do enjoy wearing a vintage head scarf like a headband though. This one little act, has stigmatized me as a hippie on numerous occasions. I’ll take that over being perceived as close minded any day!

The annual Raleigh Greek Festival took place today and I never miss it. I was armed with my handy, dandy camera but I just wasn’t feeling any photo ops. I was a little bummed by not getting that artistic release.Luckily, the Spanakopita was stellar, and the light box that D purchased for his artwork for $20, was at my disposal.

Cheers to being artsy fartsy. Whether you paint images, photograph images or create images with your words; there’s a place in this world for the artsiest fartsiest of us all!

*Photos are my own and are not to be redistributed without my written consent*. 




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