Then and Now: 2 Songs That I Love (Blues Edition)

I have a good man. I never fear that he doesn’t love me…even when I’m crazy. He’s artistic, romantic and frankly…gorgeous. I’ve said too much though. I wish my mother could have met him. He would have brought out that sweet laughter in her and they would have bonded over a certain innate sadness that most artistic people share. He would have been her son. Mama loved the blues and her love became my love, because I loved her. She introduced me to Sippie Wallace at the tender age of ten. Her favorite song by Sippie was “Women Be Wise”.

Sippie offers a little advice to those of us who are lucky enough to have found a keeper.

Women be wise, keep your mouth shut
Don’t advertise your man
Now don’t sit around girls
Telling all your secrets
Telling all those good things he really can do
Cause if you talk about your baby
Yeah you tell me he’s so fine
Honey I might just sneak up
And try to make him mine

Women Be Wise by Bonnie Raitt


Bonnie kicks it up a notch and adds her own brand of sultry ,whiskey rasp.  There is a duet by Bonnie and Sippie but it’s just a static image and I try my best to only load video. It’s worth a listen though.

Then there’s this kid-singin’ the blues and putting us all to shame. I had to briskly rub the goose bumps from my arms.


Each week, I try to feature 2 songs that I love (1 classic and 1 modern). Sometimes, I bend the rules because I can. I might have gotten a little bendy this week but I hope you enjoy the music just the same.

Question of the week: What’s the first song you felt inspired by? Mine might be cliche but it was Fire and Rain by James Taylor. My one and only uncle passed away from AIDS in 93′. I never knew him as a junkie but he’d contracted the disease through a dirty heroin needle. After he passed, each one of us girls were given the chance to pick out a few of his most cherished items. I chose his infamous cow slippers and a box of his cassettes. Most of the tapes were death metal but James Taylor was also in the mix. As a teenager, I’d slip on the cow slippers and listen to Fire and Rain while thinking of my beloved uncle. I,somehow, knew him better through this song and still periodically engage in the ritual, 20 years later.


4 thoughts on “Then and Now: 2 Songs That I Love (Blues Edition)

  1. I loved your videos. That little boy can sing the blues!!!! What song inspired me? I was going through a bad breakup with a long time girlfriend and had a hard time coping. It was a toxic relationship, so I tried to find solace in a song and found it in the following song. It helped me rationalize things and I find myself listening to it on occasion to remember where I was mentally…

    • That song is beautiful Rob. I love the piano in it. I know all about the toxic relationship. Can’t believe it took me so long to break that pattern. Sometimes when you’re frustrated with things in your current relationship, it’s cathartic to look back and remind yourself of how bad it really can be. Thanks for sharing and yeah…that kid can sing the blues!

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