Beauty And The Beast (Photos)



I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it’s planted outside of my local grocery store and I always stop to admire it’s peachy, heart-shaped pods this time of year. I imagine the pods drifting upwards like the lanterns in Thailand’s Festival of Lights.

See what I mean?

Thailand and this festival are on my bucket list. Until then…I’ll take my blossoms.

This next shot brought a little pain. I parked across from the railroad tracks and took a few steps before it registered that my body was shouting no! I looked down to discover that I had stepped in a massive patch of grass burrs…a.k.a cockle burs to Texans. Maybe a maxi-dress and flip flops weren’t the best choice. I had about 10 minutes of light remaining as I frantically picked off 30-40 burs and pricked my fingers in the process. Now I know why cargo pants were invented??

Graffiti might not be your thing. Some people are even offended by it. The graffiti artists I know, are respectful and only wish to add to the urban landscape. If they tag a building that’s currently in use, they get permission. They’d never defile a historic monument and only wish to beautify structures that have fallen in to disrepair.

I know the guy that tagged the building in my next photo. He’s a great dad, husband and artist. That’s all I can say because graffiti artists have kind of a “secret society” thing going on. 10 years ago, my city had fallen in to an utterly beige state. I need a little color in my life, so I’m on board with graffiti. Actual artists need only apply and if your panties get in a bunch about it, remember…it’s only paint.



Thailand photo not my own but I wish! Photo credit: http://www.festivalearth.com

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