Getting To Know Me: 10 Facts

These are just some random factoids that might help you learn a little bit more about me. In the past few weeks, I’ve gained some new followers and I am grateful for each one. I’m loving getting to know each of you through your blogs and you are all an inspiration with unique perspectives. Thanks so much for the follows and the likes.

This started out as response to a Lovely Blog Award nomination from weight2lose2013

I’m just not great with those award blog thingies but got on a roll with the challenge of listing facts about myself. Rob @ weight2lose2013 has a hilarious blog. I look forward to every new post and you should definitely be following him (if you’re not already).

On with the facts!

1). My first name is Kim but my last name isn’t Boxin. The name of my blog was inspired by a 7 year old street kid I met in Ecuador. His mom was a prostitute and he pedaled any goods he could to make money for the family. I met him as he was playing on a bridge above open sewage and there was an instant bond. He brought me sewer roses-which were stunning-and nicknamed me Kimboxin. From what I could gather in Spanglish, it was the name of a cartoon character. The name just stuck. Ecuador is the #1 exporter of roses.

2). I love to dip french fries in mayonnaise. My sister’s best friend in middle school, was from Australia and dipped her fries in mayo. It was a horrifying notion until we tried it. Once we did, we never looked back. Call it aioli if it makes you feel better. Ketchup is my least favorite condiment.

3). I think I can change the world-one glare at a time. I’m a nice person but when I see someone texting while driving or dumping their trash out in the street, I believe in a little public shunning.

4). I’ve visited 43 out of the 50 states and have lived in Texas, Montana, Alaska, Missouri and North Carolina. I just need to finish my journey up the eastern seaboard and stay at some quaint little b&b’s.

5). I am a seventh generation Texan, so I take barbecue very seriously-namely, brisket. I wear a Texas shaped necklace and I never take it off.

6). I don’t think baseball is boring. I grew up going to Houston Astros games (while Nolan Ryan was on the team). My state  (NC) doesn’t have an MLB team, but the movie Bull Durham was shot in my town. $8 for a beer and $8 for a hot dog (hold the ketchup, extra mustard) is a small price to pay for seeing a a live game…even if it is minor league.

7). I’m girly and I love pink and lace, but I can bait my own hook and setup my own tent . I love camping, kayaking and the great outdoors. Burnt marshmallows are the best.

8). I’d give my right arm to go to Greece. Okay, not my right arm…I do stuff with that. I’d give my left arm to go to Greece. It’s gorgeous and I love olives. Done deal.

9). I’m a cry baby. There’s a good chance that some of your blogs have brought tears to my eyes. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad and I curse like a sailor when I’m mad.

10). I live in the city and am listening to several sirens as I type this, but my vision of utopia is a little cabin nestled on a stream in Wyoming. I wouldn’t build an end of days bunker or anything and I’m not a hippie (head-scarves excluded). I can just picture myself living off the land, fishing and enjoying a Folgers moment at sunset.


5 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me: 10 Facts

    • Thank you sooo much! I really need to embrace the awards more.It’s such a great way to connect with fellow bloggers. I think I just struggle with the self-promotion aspect of it. I over think…everything! I need to work on that :). I so appreciate the nod and will definitely take a crack at it.

      On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 12:46 PM, kimboxin wrote:


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