Then and Now: 2 Songs I Love (Soul Edition)

Welcome/welcome back to my weekly journey of highlighting 1 classic and 1 modern song that I’m in love with.

Up first is a song by the legendary Bill Withers. When I listen to this song, I have to take a few deep breaths as I marvel at the power in his voice. Sometimes, I even catch myself placing my hand over my chest when he hits certain notes. My heart is quickened by the essence of life that resonates in his melody. I liken his voice to stones being skipped across water; rough edges cutting through silk.

Hope She’ll Be Happier by: Bill Withers


My modern song is by Citizen Cope and this white boy is soulful in his own right. I’ve always been a sucker for a scruffy man with eyes that tell a story. This guy has pound puppy eyes and his music has the depth of an old soul.

Sideways by: Citizen Cope


Question of the week: What is the first song you remember making out to? I don’t remember the guy’s last name, but his first name was Paul and he was a great kisser. I thought it was super cool that his white sports car had the flip-up lights. We never went past second base but we spent hours making out while pressing repeat on Possum Kingdom by: The Toadies.

Extra make-out song video here!


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