Then and Now: 2 Songs I Love (Beastie Boys Edition)

What’s the time? It’s time to get ill! This has been my go to response when asked for the time for about 20 years now. The kids don’t get it and the joke is old but I don’t care. I was only six when Licensed to Ill came out but my older sister/hero convinced her softball coach to name her team The Beastie Bears. If Laura thought they were cool…I thought they were cool. That’s just the plight of the youngest sibling. Musical fads came and went, along with piercings,  partially shaved heads (so hardcore) and an assortment of flannel grunge shirts. Beastie Boys will never go out of style (in my opinion).

Now make some noise!

The Beginning: Rhymin’ and Stealin’ 1986


The Middle and my favorites: Lighten Up 1998/ Intergalactic 1998




Now: Make Some Noise- 2011 (try to spot all of your favorite comedians)



And just for laughs…



I know that this is more than 2 songs because I can kind of do math. If you have questions or concerns about the amount of videos posted just call me and I’ll try to pick up before my Beastie Boys ringtone ends.

Question of the week: What was your first fashion act of rebellion? I alluded to mine above but here’s the full recap: In the sixth grade, my friend and I took turns shaving each other’s heads with a very dull Bic razor. We put our hair up in pony tails and then shaved the sides and the backs clean off. We were going for edgy/sexy-which might have been accomplished without the unsightly razor burn/scabs.



8 thoughts on “Then and Now: 2 Songs I Love (Beastie Boys Edition)

  1. Great post! The Beastie Boys have tons of energy and the music is great. I was in a band and had my hair colored red/white/black. My parents weren’t thrilled, but hey, isn’t that what rock stars did?

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