Take This Journey With Me


I needed to clear the cobwebs, so I brought along the world’s best worst dog. Our destination was an abandoned mental hospital with beautiful grounds. The city has been fighting over what to do with it for years. I hope they keep it as is but I fear another mall is coming.


Umm…isn’t that part important Mr. Railroad guy?


I got a little lost and took the wrong road. I love getting lost. At first the fawns ran away but I turned off the engine as I watched their mama watching me. The silence was filled with the sound of her munching and the occasional siren. I waited patiently for the babies to return to their city mom. When they did, I whistled a little and they cautiously crept closer. This is as close as they got before mom came to usher them deeper into the urban forest.


Do you see the man in the moon on your bottom left? This photo has been cropped but otherwise unretouched. I am scientifically minded but a little fascinated by these orbs of light that appeared in almost all of the 200 photos I took today. It’s cool Kim…totally not the spirit of a deceased mental patient.


On that note…there are dozens of these abandoned homesteads all over the grounds. This one boasts a view of the emerging city skyline.

Just around the corner from this home I happened upon a cemetery established in 1859 for only a handful of mental patients. I couldn’t snap a good photo because the grass had grown up around it but there was a remembrance wall with an engraved quote. ” A cemetery is a history of people-a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet. A cemetery exists because every life is worth living and being remembered”. My eldest sister Annisa has been a mental patient since she was 16. She only sees innocence. I’m going to take some scissors to the grass around that plaque and will upload a photo soon. Every life is worth living.



This sunset bid me adieu as I left the park. I’ve never seen clouds in the form of freckles. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.





One thought on “Take This Journey With Me

  1. Wonderful photos, Kim! I was looking at the photo with the deer in it, and the mother appears to be a unicorn. Upon closer inspection, it was a tree trunk in the distance. 🙂

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