Skanks on a Plane



You can’t wear a “shirt” like that on a Motherf***in plane.

That’s me on the left circa 1999. My sister is the one on the right and I really hope she never finds out about me posting this photo. Let’s just keep it our little secret. Luckily, she doesn’t read my blog but if she is reading it, I just want to say-  Happy Birthday Laura!

I was 19 when this photo was taken and appeared to be pretty happy with my wardrobe choice. I wish that I knew what I know now- when I was younger.

I didn’t so I decided to wear this mother-bleeping shirt on a mother-trucking plane.

I remember being so irate at two men who were cat-calling from the row behind mine. I did my best to ignore their caveman behavior while smiling apologetically to the conservatively dressed woman sitting beside me. These guys would not be ignored until I finally turned around to address them mid-flight. I thought perhaps, they would only understand grunts but it was satisfying to watch the color drain from their faces when I realized they did indeed, speak English. I simply said “You’re both old enough to be my father”. That shut them up.

In retrospect, I should never have been wearing that shirt on a plane or any other public place for that matter. If I’m lucky enough to have a daughter of my own, she’ll have to steal money out of my wallet to purchase a shirt like this and then sneak it in to her backpack while I’m not looking. I will always be looking though.

Ooh La La by The Faces





7 thoughts on “Skanks on a Plane

  1. I think that we’re all a bit guilty of some youthful indiscretions. It’s funny as we get older, we tend to be on guard for those things with our kids. I don’t know what I’d be like if I had girls. Probably make them wear ankle length dresses and turtle necks year round. 🙂 Happy birthday to Laura!

  2. UGH, CREEPS—you told them, WOOHOO! 😀 i’ll have to remember that line. 😉 though they shouldn’t have been acting like that no matter what you were wearing—imo, you know. 😡 not to say that some types of clothing aren’t too revealing, of course, but… the belief that girls shouldn’t wear certain clothes JUST because of the way boys might consequently view them irks me; you know what i mean? bleh. again, nice job on confronting those guys though! ⭐

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