Then and Now: Two Songs I love (week 3)

Welcome back and/or welcome to my little weekly post which features two of my all time favorite songs (one classic and one modern). This week the terms classic and modern are very loose but I can do that because it’s my blog!

I’ve listened to both of these songs on repeat through various stages of past romantic relationships but mainly during breakups.  I don’t know if they helped or hurt but they definitely touched me on a deep, emotional level . That’s what music should do. Just like you can’t help tonguing a sore on the inside of your mouth (even though it hurts) I could never keep myself from pressing play…just one more time.

First up is Lover You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley



Jeff Buckley’s voice was like pure, unrefined silk and he was devastatingly handsome-channeling James Dean. He was only 30 when he drowned to death in the Mississippi river in 1997-just as his career was taking off.

Lonely is the room, the bed is made, the open window lets the rain in
Burning in the corner is the only one who dreams he had you with him
My body turns and yearns for a sleep that will never come

It’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It’s never over, all my riches for her smiles when i slept so soft against her
It’s never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
It’s never over, she’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever

Sorry you had to follow that tribute David Gray but you’re not dead. Still, I’ve counted on you and your melancholy songs for years. You just get me.

Sail Away by David Gray



Crazy skies all wild above me now
Winter howling at my face
And everything I held so dear
Disappeared without a trace
Oh all the times I’ve tasted love
Never knew quite what I had
Little Darling if you hear me now
Never needed you so bad
Spinning round inside my head

Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me honey now, now, now
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now

Thus ends week 3.

Question of the week: What was your first heartbreak song? I wish I could skip this part but I asked you so I guess I have to answer as well. Mine was November Rain by Guns n’ Roses. I was supposed to go to the middle school dance with Monty. He had a blond skater cut and green eyes and we would’ve danced so hard to Everything I do by Bryan Adams. Unfortunately, I got busted for sneaking down to the dam with my friend and smoking cigarettes instead of watching Wayne’s World at the movie theater. I got grounded for two months.




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