Monday, Funny Monday

Screw having a case of the Mondays. Let’s all share a laugh as we head in to the work week.

The start of my work week is Atypical as it usually consists of scouring thrift stores for items I can resell. Beads of sweat start to form on my brow when I spot another ‘picker’. They’re easy to spot because they share the same rabid look of determination as me. They’re after what I’m after, so I have to move fast in order to snag any discarded Chanel bags, Gucci shoes or vintage anything. While I rip through the racks looking for labels, I try to widen my wingspan, lest they advance on my territory. Mondays are crucial to my item scoring potential and if I’m not savvy or fast enough, I’m left to take my pick of old lady sweaters with hard candy-glued pockets.

Whatever you do or wherever you are, enjoy having a laugh at someone else’s expense via these weekly videos. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


6 thoughts on “Monday, Funny Monday

  1. No Monday blues here! 1st day of a 2 week staycation. I’ve picked at various stores/yard sales, etc, and you’re right on the money. You can pick your competition out immediately and the stakes are never higher! lol The most tantalizing part is when they have something in their hands that you want, then they put it down, but look at it undecidedly . I want to pounce an run! 🙂

    • Happy 1st day of your staycation! Competition is right and nothing brings out the ugly side of my competitive nature more than a bargain hunt. I’m not above the stalk and pounce method. It’s how I scored a pair of $400 boots for $5. That was a great day 🙂

  2. My work week starts on Sunday in Dubai so Monday’s are one day closer to the next weekend. Still, always have time for funny.

      • It has it’s postives and negatives like everywhere else. It is a very beautiful city at night, so-so during the day. And it is one of the most superficial places on Earth. Everyone thinks you need to have a yacht and a Bentley to be considered anyone here. Makes dating difficult at times. That and I’m ugly! lol.

  3. As luck would have it, Dubai happens to be where I store all of my spare Bentleys, yachts and unicorns. Just let me know if you ever want to borrow one. The ladies love unicorns.

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