I Love


I love tomato season at the Farmer’s Market and the simple pleasure o f eating a tomato sandwich, adorned with nothing more than some mayo and salt and pepper.

I love the first sip of  strong black coffee in the morning.

I love the crinkling around an old man’s kind eyes. It makes me want to hear his stories.

I love quietly observing quiet people and narrating my imaginings of their life’s story in my mind. I hate getting busted while doing this.

I love that my recurring dream always takes place at a cyan blue river that’s piled high with whitewashed limestone. The dream always ends before I actually make it in to the water but someday, I’ll get there.

I love looking in the mirror…wait there’s more! I love looking in the mirror and seeing my Mother’s same eyes staring back at me. Sometimes, it’s a painful reminder of loss but more often than not, it’s an affirmation that a part of her will always be with me.

I love people who don’t think they have all of the answers and who are open to varying points of view. I’m barely able to wrap my head around the fact that we, as human beings, are spinning around on a blue and green sphere. Add opposable thumbs, language and independent thinking and I start to feel like there was something else in my brownies. I don’t want to go all ‘John Lennon’ on you but I imagine that life would be infinitely better, if, we all acknowledge that we know less than what we think we know.

I love when co-bloggers react to my random musings. What do you love? Start with a list of five and share your thoughts with me.


5 thoughts on “I Love

  1. I love the color of the sky at Twilight, I love spaghetti with extra sauce, I love big windows because of what they let me see, I love how nostalgia makes me feel, and I love cold nights spent snuggled up in warm beds.

  2. I love it when my dog is dreaming and his legs are moving in his sleep. I love the sound and aroma of hard wood being burned in the fire pit. I love walking past wooded areas that are lit by fire flies. I love walking an ocean shoreline with my feet being greeted by the breaking waves. I love taking a nap outdoors by a setting sun. I feel like Julie Andrews now – These are a few of my favorite things. 🙂

    • Dear Julie :),

      I almost wrote the thing about the dog nap as well. All of the things you mentioned could have easily made it on to my I Love list but I’m trying this new thing out of maybe not posting 1.800 words that people will never take the time to read!

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