Then and Now: Two Songs That I love (week 2)

Let round 2 of my then and now song series begin! Each week I will feature two of my all time favorite songs-one classic and one modern.

Up first is my favorite song by Joe Cocker. I’m a sucker for a voice that has some gravel in it and it doesn’t get much grittier than Joe Cocker.

Bye Bye Blackbird by Joe Cocker





The reason I love this man and his music so much, might have something to do with watching my parents do a parody of John Belushi’s Cocker parody. They cracked each other up every time.



Is that Chevy Chase on the drums?

My modern(ish) song this week is Can’t Stop Thinking About You by Martin Sexton

Sex might not be his middle name but there’s a reason why the word  makes up half of his last name. When he hits those high notes, I want to find the nearest backseat of a car and hop in. Not by myself of course-that would be weird. You get what I’m saying.



This version is just a still shot but has clearer audio. It’s worth the listen. Man, it just gets me! Damn.



I’m having so much fun with these posts and wasting so much time searching for videos. All in a day’s work.

Question of the week: What was the first concert you attended? Mine was The Bangles and it was by accident. They were playing a free show under a new overpass of the freeway, that was opening in my hometown of Houston,TX. It created major gridlock, so my family just parked the car and walked down to see them. It gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘captive audience’.



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