The Ewok That Almost Got Away


A few days ago, a long forgotten photo bore it’s image in to my mind. It’s a photo that I snapped with my little point and shoot about a decade ago but I always favored it’s composition.The camera that clicked the image was long ago put to rest, after it met it’s demise by way of a bottle of Victoria’s Secret Heavenly that exploded in my purse. I was sure that my photos had been destroyed in the chemical spill but that little SD card prevailed, triumphed even. After I tossed the world’s best smelling camera in the trash, I stowed the SD card away and have given it little thought, until the other day.

As soon as the image of the forgotten photo took hold of my memory, I wanted to see it in the flesh,er…the digital. Unfortunately, my memory had become as perfume logged as the trashed camera. Panic set in as I ripped the house asunder in search for the memory card. I was relieved when I found three cards on Derek’s desk. I inserted the first one in to my lap top and was disappointed to find only two blurry photos of people whose names I’ve forgotten. The next card got stuck in my drive; so more time was wasted by googling “how to remove a stuck SD card from a lap top”. The answer is tweezers. The third time wasn’t a charm when I realized the last SD card contained photos that are already saved to my computer.

I was stumped and felt my frustrations mounting when I remembered Ewok. The Ewoks were what inspired my undying love for Star Wars. I was five when Return of The Jedi came out, so give me a break on that one.  For Christmas I received a stuffed “Wicket”  who gave me many night’s company until his tattered body could no longer take it and his stuffing came loose. After a respectful mourning period, I named our new puppy EwokNaturally, Yoda the dog was the next addition to the family. Star Wars (the original) has never let me down and on this particular occasion, the unsuspecting hero Wicket, momentarily abandoned the comfort of his tree house to rescue me.

Just as George Bluth remembered There’s always money in the banana stand, I remembered that there are photos in the Ewok. My photo zip drive is ‘Wicket’, the Ewok. I found him safely tucked away in the pocket of my big camera bag which houses the expensive camera that replaced my little point and shoot. My photos are safe and sound, thanks to this little Ewok.

I’m thankful for that but it’s made me realize that I don’t take pictures as often as I’d like or as often as I used to. I thought my fancy camera would inspire me to take more photos but more often than not, I find myself protecting it like it’s a newborn baby. Don’t want to expose it to too many people;it might catch something.Don’t want to drop baby. Don’t want to deal with packing up all of the equipment…maybe I should just leave it at home. 

I’m seriously considering reinvesting in a $100 camera that I can just throw in my purse again. If another spill occurs ,the only difference will be that my cheapo camera will smell like Blvgari Omnia Chrystalline. I’ll be okay with that because it’s my favorite scent and I inhale my wrists at least 10 times a day when I wear it.

“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” – Eve Arnold

The photo above is one that Wicket the Ewok returned to me. The back drop is a refrigerator. It is imperfect but untouched. I’m keen on photographing shadows. My eye is just naturally drawn to them.

I will indeed invest in a less expensive camera so I can return to capturing images daily. I’ll sleep soundly knowing they’re stored  in the warrior’s belly of my little Ewok.



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