Totally Awesome Things About Being A Child Of The 80’s Pt. 2

1).The 10 speed bike!
For any 80’s girl it was a right of passage to ditch that banana seat and slide behind the handle bars of a bicycle with not 2, not four but TEN speeds! My first 10 speed was a sweet little pink and teal Huffy. Oh yeah…I was ridin’ dirty!

2). The Lunch Box. The beginning of each new school year required some crucial decision making when it came to picking out your lunch box. Back then a lunch box was more than just a vessel for carrying room temperature food. It was a public statement that silently yet boldly let the other kids know what was up.

3). Prizes that were actually inside the cereal box. Any good 80’s kid ate their way through  boxes of crappy cereal in order to get to the prize on the bottom. Below are some of my actual scores.

4). Rear facing back car seats. Kids too loud? Any savvy 80’s parent knew to just throw them in the back seat and let them taunt any unfortunate drivers who got behind them in traffic.

5). Scented markers. It’s possible that these were the ‘gateway drug’ to the huffing epidemic but they smelled so good! I’d stick one clear up my nose right now if I had the chance. Preferably grape :).


3 thoughts on “Totally Awesome Things About Being A Child Of The 80’s Pt. 2

  1. I had my share of colored nostrils from smelling the scented markers. lol I agree about the lunchboxes. You probably were going to use the same lunch box for the school year, so you had to think about what your lunchbox was going to say. Great post!!!

  2. I remember the octopi that would crawl down the walls. Wash them with soap and they would work again. NOT. Great post.

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