Totally Awesome Things About Being A Child Of The 80’s (pt. 1)


Sharp Radio. This “state of the art” gadget had everything! We’re talking fast forward, rewind, play, pause and best of all…record! I had the light purple version of this Sharp radio and used it to host my Saturday night ‘program’. My older sister taught me how to ball up tissue paper in the empty squares of cassette tapes to enable recording. Record I did! I spent hours taping radio songs and acting as d.j. as I inserted my commentary in between songs and sent out “dedications”.

PoGo Ball. I flippin’ loved my PoGo ball! It was challenging to find your balance and most of my friends abandoned theirs within a day after Christmas. I never grew tired of mine and accepted the challenge of hopping as far away as I could while being chased by our mean Billy Goat who went by the name of Cabrito. That Goat was so jealous of that PoGo ball!

The side pony tail. Any 80’s girl who wasn’t armed with a hair pick and Aqua Net hair spray was bound to be ‘doomed’ by hair that wasn’t teased to the crispy texture of a perfectly cooked duck breast.

Rented roller skates. If you weren’t roller skating in the eighties, you simply weren’t living. Between the ages of 8-12 I spent practically every weekend at the skate rink. It was a right of passage when I finally received my own white speed skates with pink and purple trim. I bid a fond adieu to my ugly brown/orange rentals and confidently skated backwards under a starry disco ball to the ‘Ghost Busters’ theme song. ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghosts’!

Caboodles. This fishing tackle box meets make-up case ushered any 80’s girl in to adult sophistication as it was meant to house all of your cosmetics. I wasn’t really allowed to wear make-up, so I crammed that thing full of bubble gum Lipsmackers, Kissing Coolers and of course hair picks for my totally awesome perm!


2 thoughts on “Totally Awesome Things About Being A Child Of The 80’s (pt. 1)

  1. I remember the pogo ball! For me, nothing says the 80’s like He Man and the Masters of the universe toys. They were everywhere.

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