Ways My Boo Has Made Me Feel Loved This Summer

Over the years couples go through periods of feeling ultra connected or distant from one another. It’s only natural.  Every relationship needs a little reminder of why you fell in love  in the first place. When you’re feeling disconnected, force yourself to focus on their positive attributes. I think you’ll find it makes ‘picking your battles’ a little easier and it just might reignite that old familiar spark.

Here’s how Derek has exhibited his love in the past few weeks:

1). He interrupted me mid-sentence. Normally this would be a ‘button pusher’ but he interrupted me to say “You’re so  beautiful”. His declaration actually made me blush. After almost 9 years of sharing one bathroom with a person, blushing is rare! The fact that I was wearing heart-shaped pajama bottoms with a floral print tank top and a raggedy head scarf just made the compliment that much more sweet/sincere.

2). He had coffee waiting for me. I slept in the other day and was surprised to roll over and find the void of a warm,snoring body next to me. I groggily made my way to the living room with my ‘Fraggle Rock’ hair and was greeted with the announcement of ” I made your coffee”. Derek rarely drinks coffee but knows that I am worthless until I’ve had my morning cup. The guy had previously worked a 13 hour day but his first thought in the morning was to make me happy. Coffee makes me happy!

3). While kayaking in solo boats the other day, he said “I can smell your hair from here”. I asked if that was a good thing and he said “It’s a great thing”. Morning breath aside, his breath smells like sweet corn and I sometimes bury my face in his shirts when he’s at work. It’s good to know he likes my scent too.

4). He kissed me right proper! Kissing is often the first thing to go in a relationship but I think kissing can be as intimate as sex (if not more).

On my end. I’m making an effort to say “thank you” more and acknowledge his many hours of back-breaking Chef work. He’s easy on the eyes, so it’s not hard to throw a little whistle or a ‘hubba hubba’ his way.

Relationships are work but making your way back to each other and feeling that electricity is well worth the effort!


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