So Disgusting! Fly Infestation.

I awoke this morning with an extra pep in my step. I felt as though I had finally gotten my packaging right to sell my handmade lotion bars. All that stood in my way was good photo lighting and my morning cup of coffee.

As I stood barefoot in my kitchen I noticed a little gray fly walking about.It was rather docile and didn’t appear to know how to fly. As I shrugged it off I noticed another gray fly and then another. My heart began to race as I moved towards the trash can and saw so many of these little zombie like flies that I couldn’t keep count. They were everywhere! I have a notoriously weak stomach. I’d venture to say that I dry heave more than the average bear. I don’t need an image or a smell to trigger it, I just need a word. The ‘magic’ word for me was maggots. Flies come from maggots and the sheer thought of this was enough to tempt me to burn the kitchen down to the ground and start over.

I was trying to let my man sleep in after his 13 hour work day but I needed reinforcement. He called our landlord and she was less than helpful. A suspected source was a rat that had died inside the walls somewhere. Her response was “well rats are a part of living in downtown”. She was set to go on vacation and said an exterminator appointment could not be arranged for at least 5 days.

I quickly began imagining these 50 or so flies rapidly multiplying in to the thousands. We bought a bug bomb but I have nowhere to take my dog for the required 4 hours in 95 degree heat.

When all else fails, bleach, bleach, bleach! Pesticides make me paranoid. Bleach is certainly not gentle but I’m okay with not being described as a ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ person. They are full of disease and therefore have to go.

If I’d had a holster I would have strapped that spray bleach bottle to it like Annie Oakley. I set my target and sprayed my little heart out until the flies, well…dropped like flies.

It wasn’t a pretty sight but it was satisfying. There are still a few lingerers but I have my sight set on them.

I never knew flies could breed inside of a home. I always just imagined the stragglers as accidentally trapped inside. It’s annoying but not an infestation. Flies can infest your domain. It’s honestly surreal. Flies sometimes lay their eggs in discarded vegetables. We’ve recently cooked a lot with fresh veggies and because there are only two of us, the trash can doesn’t get full for a while. It never occurred to me that those corn husks could become such a rapid breeding ground.

I’m choosing to believe that the flies emerged from the veggies. My gag reflex needs to believe this.

Have you ever had a fly infestation? How did you deal with it?



4 thoughts on “So Disgusting! Fly Infestation.

  1. I never have. But I hear you on the gag reflex. Mine is triggered by smells. I can look at gross things no problem but a bad smell will have me heaving and teary eyed in no time.

    Good luck with the flies.

  2. I had a massive fly problem a few years back. I cleaned, through out food, placed food in tupperware containers. Nothing worked. Then I noticed that I had a higher concentration of them near the air conditioner unit. I pulled that out of the window to discover that they were reproducing between the ledge of the window and the a/c unit.

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