My Anti-Bucket List Spring 2014

There are so many things that I want to experience in my life but there are more things that I don’t want to experience. 

Here’s my anti-bucket list:

1). Eat bugs of any sort. I get that the FDA allows a certain percentage of bug parts to be consumed by the average american. If I can’t see it and don’t think about it while I have a slice of wheat toast, I’m okay. I will never consume anything with visible legs even if it’s covered in creamy milk chocolate.

2). I will NEVER knowingly swim with sharks. It’s practically a miracle for me to even go waist deep in the ocean and usually that is reserved for peeing. Protective cage my ass! I’ve seen way too many videos of those dead-eyed carnivores breaking those cages apart.

3). Mall security guard in a bad part of town.You don’t get a weapon but you do get a dorky uniform and an even dorkier walkie-talkie. 

4).Sky diving. This has actually moved from my bucket list to my anti-bucket list. It isn’t even so much about the fear of plummeting to my death. I just am not particularly fond about being strapped butt to groin with a perfect stranger. 

5). Scuba/cave diving. I have boundary issues as it is and often move away from close talkers. When I sleep I have to have the ends of the sheets free and not tucked in. Otherwise, I feel suffocated. I’m not the girl to be confined to a tight space while underwater. I’m short but I’m not an actual shrimp!

I’d love to spend some time with Orangutans, I feel like they’d get my humor. “Orange you glad you’re not a banana?”.I’ll happily swim with Dolphins and Whales in a controlled, shark-free environment. 

I have many things to add to my anti-bucket list as well as my actual bucket list. I hope you’ll take the journey with me.

Please feel free to comment if you’re not pushing a “make money while blogging service”. Those people are the worst!

2 thoughts on “My Anti-Bucket List Spring 2014

  1. Hahaha nice job. I never thought of having an anti-bucket list, but maybe I should create one 😛

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