A Love Note To My Dryer (by a spoiled American)

Dear Dryer,

I have not known the comfort of your enveloping warmth for over a year now. I’ve missed you.

Today we got you all patched up. It’s been a long road of misdiagnosis and for the past year you’ve been working overtime with no heat to dry our clothes.

We’ve spent hundreds trying to get you working again. We dried our clothes with air but no heat and sometimes, even after six hours found that the clothes had soured and had to rewash them and start the arduous process over again.

Dryer, you are as good as gold today. The part you needed was only $15 dollars. That $15 was the best money we’ve ever spent.

In my lifetime I will probably and hopefully never understand starvation. I have access to clean water and electricity as long as I pay my bill.

I feel guilty for relying on you while others in this world struggle for potable water.

I do not live in a third world country and have to count my blessings as such. 

Today I was able to do three loads of laundry and each load dried within 30 minutes with heat as opposed to 4 hours without heat. 

It’s such a small thing to be grateful for but if you’ve ever done without it you’ll understand why having it is like diamonds cascading over your wrists.

Many foreign nations do not have access to this luxury and that is important to note.

Closer to home,I did not have this luxury as a teenager. Our home was in the country and ran off of propane which was very expensive. 

My mother was able to wash our clothes in the washing machine but had to hang them on the line to dry. She worked as quickly as she could in the Texas sun but inevitably would return with dozens of fire ant injuries on her feet. In trying to relieve her burden I would often return from the line with the same painful blisters.

My dryer separates me from the savage life I once knew. It allows me to control my environment. I might be a spoiled American but I am able to appreciate necessary contraptions as opposed to contraptions of excess. 

I appreciate the little things.


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