How Do You Define Feminism?

A few weeks back a certain female celebrity gave an interview and it was met with both outrage and support. I have unsuccessfully searched for the full interview but the few snippets I found didn’t offend me in the least. She expressed that when she has kids she’d like to be able to stay home with them. She is a millionaire so obviously she can freely make this choice for herself. Some couples can’t.

What truly shocked me was the hostility that so-called feminists hurled in her direction. Some groups were virtually yelling “crucify her”! Why? To me feminism isn’t an either/choice. Equality in it’s very essence should allow for us all to make the best choices for our own situations without judgement or ridicule. I’m all for the woman staying at home if that’s her desire and makes financial sense and I’m all for the man staying at home if that is the best fit. The point is: it should be up to the family and stating your own opinion shouldn’t automatically lead you to the stake.

I don’t believe that it’s anti-feminist to allow a man to hold a door open for me or to carry something heavy. I’m not going to throw my back out by trying to prove a point about my “womanly strength”. Physiologically, men do typically outweigh and are taller than women. Evolution might eventually change this typical dynamic. Until then, I’ll defer to science and “let the man” carry the heavier item. I won’t lose sleep over the thought that I’ve abandoned feminism by allowing this to happen.

On a side note: everyone should hold the door open for everyone. It’s just common courtesy.

I’m happy that we live in a society that let’s us fully participate in any dreams that we might wish to accomplish. It can always be better but it could be so much worse. I don’t live in fear that I’m going to be brutally sterilized against my will. I am legally allowed to do anything a man can do if that is my desire. I personally, do not wish to pour concrete or dig posts but I will not assail any woman who makes the choice to do so. My half sister has served in the military and can rip a car engine apart and put it back together when she’s not drag racing or baking cupcakes for her business.

There’s always a battle for any slice of freedom. That’s just always going to be the case. I think about the women across the globe and am saddened by the fact that they may never know the freedom that I am experiencing in this life time.

I think, out of respect for them, those of us who have choices should lay down our swords and respect each other’s decisions.

How do you define feminism in your own life?

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