The Crazy Dreams Continue

Last night I dreamed that I was a wedding planner and the big day had arrived for my bride. This part of the dream is well within the realm of reality as I am a former Events Planner. The rest is just over the top!

The venue was lovely. The festivities were being staged at a Nantucket style home that overlooked a river. Gardens were in full bloom and the bride was happy and radiant as her maids helped her slip on her lace gown and cinch the luminous sapphire blue ribbon around her waist. Seeing that she was well taken care of, I excused myself to the recesses of the basement level of the home. My mission was to excavate the wine cellar in search of a worthy champagne to be used in the bridal toast.

The descent was long and I pushed on many locked doors along the way. At last. I made it to the bottom level but what I found was not the promised wine cellar. Instead, I found a great many exotic animals in cages. Reluctantly, I entered. The animals were confined and sleeping so I felt safe. I passed by a bear, then a small version of a brontosaurus before I finally made my way to a tiger’s cage. Upon my presence the great cat abruptly awoke and sized me up with her enraged lemon-lime eyes. Her claws were instantly and furiously sawing through the iron of her bars. Sparks were burning orange as if the protein in her nails were the instrument of a welder. Time did not appear to be my friend.

I fled as fast as I could on legs that were now reduced to jello. I found a door, ascended some flights and found a maintenance man who was not as surprised by the events as I was. He seemed to be all-too-aware of the situation and quickly supplied me with some pink foam to spray on the blood-thirsty animals. It was a sleeping potion.The problem was that I’d have to go back down there…alone.

Not wanting to mar my otherwise beautifully exercised event with a blood bath, I made my way back down with the pink foam. All of the animals were sleeping, including the angry tiger. I adequately doused each one with the pink stuff but had been warned by the the maintenance man that the sedative would only last for half an hour.

By the time I made it back to the top level, the reception was in full swing. I first tried to warn the bride, then the bridesmaids and finally the groom but my voice was not to be found. The clock was winding down rapidly until savage,hungry animals would be awakened but no sound could be forced from my voice.

At the end of the half hour I made my way in to the depths again to find the creatures stirring from sleep. They were all miniaturized but ravenous. I ducked and covered my head as they whizzed past but none stopped to notice me. They broke through the doors and ascended the steps.

Then I woke up.

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